Pros And Cons Of Frost Free Refrigerator

That thick layer of frost compiled on the internal wall of the refrigerator definitely bothered the users for a long time. The regular manual operation to clean the frost took very much time and energy in addition as well. The modern innovation in the refrigerator world introduced frost-free freezers that don’t allow frost to accumulate here and there in the freezer and avoid defrosting needs. Let’s get to know about the pros of this modern technology to give a view on purchasing it or not.


  • Low Maintenance: The main advantage served by the frost-free refrigerator is the cut in the effort needed to defrost the freezer at a regular time. The traditional refrigerators need a cleaning and drying once or twice a year to avoid the corruption in quality of the food products and boost the decreased performance. But a frost-free refrigerator doesn’t require the seasonal draining and it takes only a spoon of baking soda mixed in proportion with warm water to out throw the bad odours or any spillage.
  • Healthy Food: A frosted freezer spoil the taste of the food as the ice crystals settled on the surface of food degrades the quality of the food. The freezer burn steals the original odour of the food stored inside and develops an unpleasant texture. But this phenomenon gets canceled out in frost-free refrigerators that have zero tolerance to the ice crystal formation. Food can stay fresh and hold their quality for a long time without losing its optimum value.
  • Working of Frost-Free Refrigerators: In a frost-free refrigerator, a fan or convection is installed in the freezer to circulate the air inside. It doesn’t allow the frost to settle on the walls or base. Filling the freezer with an excess amount of food can affect the performance of the air circulation and thus defrosting. Try to put an average quantity of food inside to keep the performance in order.

Now, when you know the features how frost-free refrigerators can be a great add-on to your kitchen, you can purchase frost-free refrigerator online from a leading brand that gives the right profit for the investment. LG is one of the most popular brands globally known for its technically advanced and feature-rich appliances that accompanies your kitchen for a prolonged span. If you want to purchase frost-free refrigerator online, do visit a nearby store to get the exact idea of the storage, look and size.


Things To Look In a TV Before Purchasing

With the regular advancement in the TV technology, it’s not only the slimness has gained popularity in the trending mindset of people: price tag, picture quality, screen size and the ultimate smart assistance has covered the part of features what users crave to discover in the entertainment medium. The upgraded version of the LCDs, LEDs are making the market go crazy about the specifications embedded in the design and engineering offered by this latest invention.

  • Screen Size: The biggest factor stands in your way to grab the best TV for you is the screen size. Based on the convenience, price budget, family size, room size, and the purpose it serves, the screen size of a TV gets the first attention. The best selling models range between 32” to 55”. The screen size has also effect on the viewer’s distance from the screen. For better entertainment experience, the sitting distance should be at least 3 times the height of the screen.
  • Screen Resolution: Resolution means the quanta of pixels a screen can show in the horizontal and the vertical line. It comes in a different pixels measurement, e.g. 720p, 1080p, etc. The pixel of a TV set has a direct connection with the sharpness of picture flashed on the screen. The price of a TV goes up as higher you choose the screen resolution. The latest technology is Ultra HD sets that have the screen resolution four times the resolution of an HD TV. The largest advantage achieved from going up on the resolution is the clear visibility of smaller objects on the screen.
  • Response Time: The Hertz capacity of a TV specify the rate of picture change or refreshment on screen. Most TVs are equipped with the traditional running 60Hz refreshing rate. But the problem occurs in the fast running objects on the screen as the 60Hz doesn’t fit compatible. The pictures turn blurry and user satisfaction gets hindered. If this problem comes on an LCD TV, disappointment is indeed a cause people shift t 120Hz refreshing rate TVs. Keeping the priority of the quality picture, manufacturers have also come with a 240Hz substitution to attract the technology lovers.

Once you know the top essence of the picture satisfaction, you can now proceed to purchase a full HD LED TV online without any doubts disturbing your investment. LG is one of the leading TV manufacturers in India, the brand boasts of best picture quality and elevated consumer support. Millions of happy customers choose this technology master to get the best of the entertainment experience.

Reasons Why To Buy A Top Loading Washing Machine

The survey conducted on a vast number of users stated voting poll in the favour of front-loading washing machines as they consume less water and have better cleaning power than its counterpart. Being gentler on the fabrics as well, the front loader beat the top loaders. But the recent study has unhooked the closed curtains and found out that top loading washing machines are on the rise as demanded by the customers because of the cheap alternative to the front-facing counterpart. Let’s check the features how a top-loading washing machine is highly efficient and influential in attracting the customers:


  • High-Quality Wash: Highly efficient top-loading washing machines take adequate care of the fabric. Made to provide high-quality cleaning and economic at water consumption, HE top-loaders are less noise creator. Compared to agitator washing machines, these are laced with the technically advanced mechanism. The motor power is improved and the spinning frequency helps in removing the water quickly. It further improves by decreasing the dryer time. With adjustable washer spin speed, the machine can handle waterproof and heavy items in the loader which can get unbalanced and shake vigorously.
  • Relatively Less Cost: The cost of a front-loader washing machine is much higher than that of a top-loader. As the specifications of a front-loader exceed the counterpart, the price goes parallel to the features embedded in the technology. Talking about the top-loaders, these are relatively cheaper product available in the market competing tough with the high priced front-loaders. Easy to command manual setting and less space occupying with vast loading capacity, this machine doesn’t seem losing in the race against its cousin. The price of top-loading starts from Rs 10,000 and the same goes double to Rs 20,000 in the case of front-loaders.
  • Larger Storage: The lack of an agitator in the top loading washing machine provides plenty of space to store laundry. Compared to the agitator machines, the wash cycle takes relatively longer time working properly on the cleaning of clothes inside. The water consumption reduces as parallel to the electricity consumption because of the advanced technology made to save energy.
  • Less Vibration: The spinning capacity of the top-loading washing machine is much higher as compared to agitators. To fast spill out the dirty water, spin is even more in front-loaders. But when vibration is compared, the rating gives a tough competition to the front-loaders. It does pretty well in canceling the vibration factor.

When you know the features served by two types of washing machines, it’s time for the brand selection comes into the role. Recommended to not go after the cheap alternatives, because ultimately you end up paying more servicing cost than the actual price of the machine. LG has a vast domicile in the washing machine manufacturing. If you’re purchasing it online or from a store, the variety of products available from the electrical leader will definitely satisfy your hunt for the easiest lifestyle.

Advantages Of Split AC

It can be a headache to choose a right cooling appliance for your premises when you start browsing the online available information about the product. There comes the role of multiple factors which stand in your way of shopping the cooling solution. With the varying room size, locality, budget and type of AC, many questions surround your head. But the escape from the problem doesn’t make you a winner, it’s the deep analysis of the specs of a product can place a right AC in your house or office. There are two types of AC: Windows and Split. We will discuss the importance of split AC here:


  • The functioning of split AC is quick to understand. Fast in operation, these cooling systems quickly cool the room.
  • The smart mechanism delivers cool air in the part of the room where it requires and also when it requires. It saves the electricity consumption using its automated operational cooling setup.
  • The perception that it takes vast cutting and drilling of the walls is hokum. Split AC is very easy to install and proves cost-effective in a long run. A little alteration in the interior of the house in form of thin pipelines setup is done to connect the indoor and outdoor units.
  • It saves the ductwork cost. Quick to install these machines require lesser services than its counterpart Windows AC.
  • Modern ACs can run using the solar energy. Solar panels help cut the electricity consumption and makes this AC worth a machine powered not only by electricity but solar power as well.
  • Filter from a split AC can be easily removed and cleaned, it saves the maintenance charge.
  • Silent lover: Since the split AC has two parts, the noise creating portion lies in the exterior of the house. The condenser and fan are responsible for creating the most noise by an AC. Window ACs are hence so loud, but it gets cut in the split AC. In a split AC, these two noise creating parts lie in the exterior section.

Windows AC doesn’t prove effective in case of air purification. Since a split AC is divided into two parts, the inner section sucks the dust and minute particles from the room and provides a clean environment to live in. The circulation of the allergens stops in the split AC. Split AC price in India is little more than its counterpart, but talking about the prolonged life, Split AC proves to be right investment. With little services and overall cooling, this type of AC leads the cooling solution. There are many companies which make ACs, but the products manufactured by LG has greater life and durability than any other company. Buying split AC from LG can be the advantageous deal for your budget, as it provides you long service guarantee and prolonged life expectancy.

Advantages Of a Convection Microwave Oven

The market is occupied with the variety of microwaves that can suit your requirement of the kitchen according to your family size and recipes you want to cook into it. The shift from traditional microwaves to modern convection microwave has transformed the way of cooking and with many added advantages, this new feature-rich oven is the lust of every house-maker. Laced with several new features to introduce in your cooking method, these ovens come in different sizes and volumes. These microwaves are built-in to satisfy the demand of a family or in-house chores, but for a bigger purpose, it can be customized to get the ultimate form as desired.


  • Enhanced Flavour: In a convection microwave, a fan is used to circulate the air throughout the cooking compartment added by radio-frequency waves for cooking and baking the food. This cooking helps food cook from all angles and inside-out without losing the moisture. This yields an improvement in the taste of the food. The advanced auto chef cooking mastered by sensor cooking helps in time adjustment and it catalyses the taste of the food as a result.
  • Multiple Recipes: The convection microwaves are made to roast, toast, cook, steam, bake and crisp the recipes. It saves 33% of electricity expenses and timing as well by cooking fast. Because of the versatile ability to cook food in any style, multiple foods can be cooked if you’re in a little hurry without affecting the taste of the other food.
  • Faster Cooking: The fan circulated the heat all around, and it is supported by the microwave energy that cooks the food in no time. Unlike traditional microwaves, convection microwave can be pre-heated before you keep the food into it to get ready for the heating. Ultimately, the time taken to cook food reduces and it helps in energy savings as well. Divided by slabs or racks, convection ovens allow you to cook two meals at one time.
  • Easy Cleaning: Convection microwave is very compact in size and hence can be cleaned without putting much effort. You can simply bring out the rack and use a cloth to clean it properly. In tiny kitchens where there is lack of space, this convection microwave can be placed anywhere close to an electric outlet and it won’t take much of your little space.

If you’re annoyed by the limitations of the traditional microwaves, it’s time to shift the gear and purchase a convection microwave oven. Of course, brand matters in investing in a product that can last for 4 to 5 years at least. Keeping the budget limit in vision, LG manufactures a variety of microwaves to help you elevate the standard of your kitchen and cooking methods. The brand is indeed globally known because of the quicker services and long-lasting products that accompany you easing your lifestyle.

How To Pick A Right Monitor For You?

When purchasing a computer, the CPU standard is kept at peak priority. But the role of monitor how could be faded because this is the thing you’re going to work on and do everything for your likes. Like all other hardware, a monitor varies in different terms that we are going to discuss and after the thorough study of this article you will be in a position to judge the monitor you’re going to purchase.


  • Screen Resolution: First thing appears in your mind is about how big the screen size should be. Going below the 27” mark will not satisfy your gaming and movie watching experience. It’s better for the official purpose to work on, but it fails to serve the need. The desk size undoubtedly has an effect on the selection and if you require two monitors then you probably have to think about the size factor as well. Resolution of the monitor is the second thing to decide. Greater the resolution, sharper the image will be. The latest trend is 1080p and it’s best for the screen size up to 25”. The pixel density lowers as high you go on the screen size. In the 1440p, the image will be sharper for bigger screen size.
  • Anti-Glare: Modern computers are made keeping in view the vision defects or trouble caused in seeing by the backscattered lights or reflections. The coating of an anti-glare makes a monitor anti-reflective to the lights in your background. If your monitor is placed in a highly illuminated room or in front of the window, they work effectively to stop the glare at its best. If you have a glossy screen in the LED, it will create glare troubles in a well-lit room. Semi-glossy screens fit something in the middle between an anti-glare and glossy screen.
  • Connectivity: The availability of adapter makes it easy to convert various ports into other ones. When buying a monitor be assured about the connector you want to use with it has the sim slot or port as the extra devices available to you. Often it poses restrictions on port connectivity with some monitors, so do special research before you place the order for the monitor.

If you’re planning to buy LED monitor in India, the brand factor might put some hindrance in your way. Big brands have hefty prices but great durability and services included. You can buy LED monitor from LG store or online LG website. The products last long and in every specification, they lead the market. Not going off-trend, LG produces modern LEDs that is well engineered and quality of technology is the identity of the brand.

Use Of Dishwasher In Modern Days

There is a perception in the mindset of Indians that washing dishes with hand has good health benefits. While there are many believers who take a stand of the environmental benefits from hand washing, evidence has proved a future coming for dishwashers. By eliminating the health problems, infections and many cleanliness issues, dishwasher prove to be a great help. It not only save the time but also makes the environment clean.


  • High-Quality Cleaning: Like in the many advertisements you’ve seen it that there are more germs in a kitchen area than you can have it in the bathroom. After each cycle/day, germs keep their accumulating in the different parts of the kitchen including your stove, chimney, racks and utensils. The ultimate solution in kicking out these germs is the use of dishwasher that takes proper care of all the ailments creating factors. Dishwasher has water heating feature in it that heats the water to 145 degrees and more to kill germs in an effective manner.
  • Environment-Friendly: With the updates in technology, the dishwasher has elevated its degree of environmental suitability. In the old days, it used to be highly cost managing because of electricity factors and water consumption. The modern dishwashers have been engineered to take in less water to give clean dishes. The electricity consumption has reduced significantly and it has come down to 30% as compared to the traditional mechanics.
  • Stress Reducer: The major cause of procrastination is dish washing that captures plenty of your working time. A little dare could reduce the compiling dishes in the sink, but not, it goes up to the size of a rock until you worry to give a look at them. The day-long work sucks the energy of your body and it definitely triggers stress creation when you come across this pile of dirty dishes in your kitchen. The incomplete tasks surround your head like one more burden needs to be resolved. This can eventually kick start some hidden stress and stop your productivity you want to achieve.

If you’re looking for best dishwasher in India, the wide range of dishwashers manufactured by LG can be the right choice for your chores. To take the proper care of the dishes and hygiene, keeping in mind the wastage of water by hand washing, and to become environment-friendly, the step you can take to manage all the ups and downs is by purchasing a dishwasher.