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Specs To Check When Buying Speaker Online

There is no doubt in it that the best way to test a speaker’s sound quality is by listening to its sound. But the case of testing the device doesn’t seem possible in every circumstance when you’re shopping it online, or the retailer refuses to open the sealed box. The printed specs fail to satisfy your urge because you can’t always trust the label marked against a product. Especially when you’re a first-time buyer, the technical jargons don’t seem much helping, and you end up buying something invaluable that gets you annoying in a few days. This article briefs you about the basics you should look in a speaker when shopping:


Sensitivity: The sensitivity of a speaker determines the loudness it produces. Sensitivity is measured in Decibels (Db). More the sensitivity of a speaker, more loudness it creates. For the speaker, an add-on to the home theatre, the sensitivity should measure higher than 90 Db to attain the adequate sound. Most manufacturers reflect the sensitivity tested under room environment which is likely to rise by 2 or 3 Db when tested in a  non-echoing environment.

Impedance: Impedance means resistance in the flow of current. If a speaker has low resistance, more current flows through it and vice versa. So, the question arises whether you should buy a low or high impedance resistance. The speaker impedance should be neither too high nor too low. If the speaker has low impedance, the current flowing through it is likely to put more pressure on the amplifier leading it to overheat and get damaged. In case of higher impedance, the speaker will not get enough power to create an enhanced sound effect. So the impedance bracket should be 6-8 ohms to get the maximum entertainment.

Frequency Response: The frequency range of a speaker plays a significant role in determining the deepest bass it can produce. Every speaker has a frequency bracket marked on the box. Ranging from mere Hz to kHz, the lower limit indicates the how low a speaker can produce sound. Comparing to the most moderate hearing capacity of the human ear, i.e. 20 Hz, the lower the frequency of a speaker goes, more audible it is.

If you’re planning to buy speakers online, brand selection becomes a significant priority. There are many companies available in the market that boasts their product of top quality, but the speakers manufactured by LG is ahead of all. Ranging from a small budget to the highest possible value, LG speakers bring the life back to the parties and lost fun in home theatres.

Elevate The Standard Of Your Home With A Theater System

Home theaters are the combination of audio and visual systems that comprise of a big TV screen and multiple speakers to avail the experience similar to a movie theater at home. It needs proper planning to reach the theater quality, e.g., additional components are required to boost the sound level. It becomes a simple choice for the first time buyers who find the essential features equipped in a prepackaged audio system. But custom making or tailored audio system installation in your home takes a lot of planning as many other components add up to make a home theater; the advantage of the extra cost and effort show up in the audio and video quality. If you’re home theater enthusiast, here are top features of home theater you must know:

  • Receiver Wattage: While purchasing a home theater, you should have receiver wattage specification on top of the note. A top home theater should have a stereo receiver capable of 80 to 100 watts power output per channel. The wattage measurement of a stereo receiver varies anonymously. While purchasing a receiver, compare the weight of different models; go for one which is more massive. The receiver that weighs more has a big transformer, and the chances of output increases as a hefty power transformer draws more power from the socket and delivers more as output.
  • Speaker Wattage: To get the fair result from the speakers, the wattage capacity of the speakers should match the wattage capacity of the receiver. It doesn’t yield the desired expectation if different wattage capacity of speaker and receiver are mixed to form the home theater. Always go for the option to buy a receiver first and then the speakers. The quality of a home theater gets elevated if the wattage of speakers is more than the wattage of the receiver.
  • Widescreen television: The entire investment doesn’t seem worth until the feeling of theater experience gets fulfilled with a widescreen tv. With a widescreen tv, viewers attain the excellent sense of theater. There are a lot of trending options available in the market to get the optimum picture quality. The best one to choose is 4K resolutions or the ultra HD televisions. When selecting a widescreen, consider the dimensions of the hall.

If you’re planning to elevate the standard of your home with a theater system, then your desire gets accomplished with the best home theater system in India produced by LG. One of the leading brands in the electric appliances manufacturing, LG proves an excellent brand to trust and get the exact expectations.

Elevate The Standard of Your Kitchen With Convertible Fridge

The commercials displaying the feature-rich convertible fridge steal our thoughts that how good would it be if such appliances add up to the kitchen. But these top functions served by a convertible refrigerator come at a high price. With increased space to store the food for weeks, convertible fridges are engineered to keep the meals fresh and hygienic for maximum time. With the adequate temperature control in every compartment, such refrigerators keep the electricity saving on top preference.

Working of convertible refrigerators:

The modern design of the convertible refrigerators shows the sample of smart work as these refrigerators can work either as a refrigerator or a freezer. As per the requirement, the entire unit can be adjusted to leverage the convertible facility. With a push of a button, the compartments of a refrigerator can act like a fridge or a freezer. But the switching modes take about 24 hours to show the satisfactory result. The mode of the different drawers can be interchanged from a fridge to freezer and vice-versa in QuickTime.

Uses of a convertible refrigerator:

If you’ve planned to replace your old refrigerator with a new and enhanced one, a convertible refrigerator is one of top choice to choose. The flexible nature of the fridge makes it applicable for versatile use. When you want to store extra drinks for some party or store plenty of food items for a family gathering, convertible refrigerators are going to serve its purpose in both the cases. To save the meats, fruits, and vegetables for a longer time in the winter season, just turn on the freezer mode to maintain the taste and quality of food for a prolonged time.

Be it the refrigerator or the freezer mode, convertible refrigerators prove efficient in precise temperature control; and because this exchangeable unit keeps electricity consumption very minimum, this is also eco-friendly. One of the top features of a convertible refrigerator is built-in defrosting capacity. Whether in the conventional refrigerators it required manual operation to defrost every six months, this manual chore stress has significantly reduced by the latest innovative convertible refrigerators. If you’ve made your mind to purchase a convertible fridge, we recommend LG as the first preference for brand selection.

Why Are LEDs Dominating The Market?

LED televisions are the modern innovations in the entertainment industry which utilize series of light emitting diodes to create a bright backlight display. If the dealer informs you about a TV to be entirely LED, he/she is conveying the wrong information. If a TV set is wholly LED, the price will significantly rise. The real LED TVs are those giant screens that you come to see at stadiums, rock venues, etc. LED technology is used to illuminate the thousands of LED lights to deliver high-definition picture quality obtained on the widescreen. As the size of LEDs are big and they are used in chunks, these are used as a light source to backlight LCD crystals.


Difference between LED and LCD televisions:

  • TV size: The age of LCD is over, and it has been dominated by the LEDs. In the beginning, LEDs came to serve the purpose of widescreen televisions for commercial fields, and gradually home theater enthusiasts adopted it for domestic application. With the increasing demand, the LEDs slid down from massive screen craze to small screen. Though the market has still large LCD screens to offer, the features of LEDs beat the LCDs in various ways.
  • Better product at a comparatively same price: Television manufacturers have widely embraced LEDs as the cost of production is relatively cheaper. The enhanced picture quality speaks the popularity of LEDs in comparison to other televisions. The energy efficient feature of LEDs advocates the eco-friendly nature as compared to the compact fluorescent backlights. The life of LEDs lasts longer than the LCD television sets.
  • Energy consumption: An LED television requires electricity to stimulate the liquid crystals of LCD panel and also to ignite its LED backlighting. In comparison to the LCDs, LED TVs consume less energy. On an average scale, LEDs use electricity efficiently and consume 20 to 30 percent less power than the LCD counterparts. Good news for the customers, most of the LED TVs qualify for the EPA’s energy star rating.

Indeed, LEDs are the future of entertainment world which are capable of supporting 4K and 8K resolutions. With the technology getting widely embraced, the price of the LEDs has significantly reduced. To buy LED TV online, the brand selection becomes a significant issue. Out of many brands in the industry, LG is known for producing cheaper to costlier products that include a broad range of customers.