The Role of Air Purifier in Keeping Your Indoor Air Clean and Fresh



Indoor air pollution is among the contributing factors in increasing respiratory diseases. It is among the top five reasons that contribute to bad environment within the house. Air cleaning devices are necessary to keep pollutants and contaminants from being circulated in the air within the house. Air purifiers are the right answer in this case. An air purifier is a device that can be installed in the central heating system, ventilation, air conditioning to clean air in the whole house. Air purifiers come in two varieties, the full-fledged ones and small portable ones that can be placed anywhere to clean the air in a certain area.


What air purifiers clean?


The way air purifiers are constructed, it can clean different type of pollutants. An air purifier that works on the principle of particle removal  works by releasing charged particles in the air which attaches to pollutants in the air and then makes them settle faster, thereby preventing them from being inhaled. High efficiency particulate air falls in this category of purifiers.


The second type is gas phase filter that uses sorbent such as activated carbon. These are capable of reacting to certain pollutants in the air and neutralizing them. One downside of this type of filter is that they do not always work on all forms of pollutants, particularly with those that do not react with the sorbent.


There is also another type that is not yet as common or popular, but works with a high degree of efficiency. It is known as Photocatalytic Oxidation and works by combining UV rays with a plate coated with titanium oxide.  When air comes in contact with this, it breaks down particles into molecules and removes polluting particles.


How to buy a good air purifier?


Before purchasing an air purifier, it is very important to compare all models across the range. The main things that you must compare are obviously the price, the facilities it provides and most importantly the clean air delivery rate. This is the rate at which pollutants are removed from a dirty air room. Prices of air purifier depend on this rate as much as it does on the size and other factors. 



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