Top Smartphones in India

With the commencement of 2015, smartphone makers have wasted no time pushing new handsets to us. Smart phone companies managed to entice buyers with their innovative minds or marketing skills. Businesses ranging from top notch MNCs to smaller proprietary businesses are looking at smartphone apps as a potent marketing tool.

An overview on Top Smartphones

  1. LG G3

LG led the line with its QHD screen technology, with many questioning the necessity of incorporating into a smartphone. But months after the G3 arrived, we’ve seen other manufacturers like Motorola and Samsung follow suit. The LG G3 has a 1440 x 2560 LCD display with a 534 pixel density, making it one of the best displays on the market. The LG G3’s lasfer-focus equipped 13MP camera is one of the best in the market. The G3’s laser focus can rapidly focus shots and take quick pictures, it is also excellent in low-light conditions. The G3’s slimmed down interface is a big improvement on the G2’s garish childlike UI.

  1. Asus ZenFone 2

Asus unveiled its first Android 5.0 Lollipop smartphone, the ZenFone 2, at CES 2015. While the use of Lollipop, which more upgrades to Android than can easily be counted, is pretty awesome, Asus has done a stellar job loading the ZenFone 2 with a wealth of top end hardware. Chief of these are the ZenFone 2’s 13MP rear camera with an f/2.0 wide-aperture lens and a 5MP PixelMaster front camera. The ZenFone 2 will also feature an upgraded camera application that allows the manual adjustment of settings like ISO and shutter speed.

  1. HTC One M8

HTC is probably the only company in the world that is as focused on design as Apple. As a result it’s no surprise its 2014 flagship smartphone, the One M8, is one of the best looking and designed smartphones currently available. HTC’s loaded the M8 with a high power Snapdragon 801 processor, high resolution 5in, 1080×1920, 441ppi, Super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen and Duo camera technology.


Nowadays, LG SMARTPHONES are one of the bestselling smartphones. The sleek and appealing look of LG smartphone will definitely grab your attention, leaving you mesmerized. Smartphones from LG very well compliments the hottest trend of SELFIE among the folks. CRAZY SELFIE LOVERS are definitely going to like the cookie. It has an impressive Camera. LG mobile is designed for the ultimate handheld multimedia experience. LG Smartphones are world’s thinnest and lightest smartphones and mobile devices. LG offers ground breaking styles along with latest features like QUAD HD IPS DISPLAY AND OIS.


Buy Refrigerators Online In India

You can save a large chunk of money preserving your fresh goods and meals if you find a top quality refrigerator online. A food product of any enterprise could depend largely on the equipment employed. Thus, an efficiently designed cooling system is a must. Usually, medium sized bars don’t need big refrigerators if they serve and deal with fresh food and produce. Sometimes, a regular freezer is all you need to store ice cream as well as various frozen desserts. Thus, before placing an order, be sure to consider what you must have in a cooling system.

Never forget to consider these 3 questions:

  • How much room you need?
  • What you will keep in it?
  • How many shelves you need?

You can take care of you refrigerator by having a look on these simple suggestions:

  • Fridge contents should be kept at 60% full so that air circulation stays healthy.
  • Have you ever bought an item and found more sitting in your fridge unopened? If every item is allocated space, you can stop wondering if you have that ingredient at home.
  • Keep an eye on expiry dates. Take a chance to discover empty containers that are still sitting pretty on the shelves.
  • It is important to choose suitable containers for your stuff in the fridge. Make sure containers are sealed tight so different kinds of food items don’t contaminate each other.
  • Strong smelling herbs and roots should be sealed separately to prevent aroma contamination. This activity will ensure that the fruits and vegetables stay fresher longer.

A refrigerator that doesn’t cool effectively may cost you unnecessary loss of money resulting from food spoilage or by degrading the quality and freshness of your food. You could preserve the quality of your food by getting reliable and top quality cooling equipment with the newest technology.

LG serves the most recent designs in refrigerators with better energy saving technology. LG’s refrigerators are ready to work more effectively and cool more rapidly with less maintenance cost. It’s refrigerators are environment friendly.

Bring The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Live At Your Home With Wireless Home Theatre

In a first of its kind arrangement for the sports network, ESPN will sell access to the ICC Cricket World Cup through an online subscription service. 49 Cricket matches in addition with the four warmup matches that are to be played this year at the ICC Cricket World Cup will become available for anybody who subscribes to the package by paying for it. Now, what that means is that if you do not have an access to a television at work or while you’re driving back from work, you can always whip your smart phone out of your pocket and start enjoying the match live on your mobile! No doubt that it is wonderful to have an alternative to a TV in your pocket, but nothing beats the experience of watching cricket World Cup at home surrounded by your best buddies! Here is how you can add a punch to the watching experience with a wireless home theatre system made by LG.

LG NB5540 Sound bar – Review

LG has been into the home theatre segment, wireless as well as wired, in India with large screen televisions and Blu-ray products. Their recent laws is the LG NB5540 Sound bar, which is an elegant looking for .1 channel home theatre system that leaves you free of the messy wires and boxes of speakers that you are used to. This wireless home theatre system packs a powerful 320 W speaker and we must say that definitely sounds great. The main speaker bar is encased within a durable and slightly heavy, nonetheless easily manageable, plastic chassis and is accessorised with chrome finish vents and grills. The moment you switch it on, a gorgeous TFT display comes to life presenting you with every information that will keep you in control of the while some theatre system. The design of the system is so smart that it completely gets out of your way while you and your buddies get back to enjoying the game.

Setting up the wireless home theatre system

Setting up the home theatre system is a breeze. Once the speakers are connected to the televisions, a simple power on automatically connects with the subwoofer. Using the remote to switch between the inputs – HDMI/Bluetooth/optical/USB and auxiliary, you can synchronise the display with the sound output in less than five minutes!

The wireless subwoofers can be placed out of sight and at variable distance and places to get a perfect bass reproduction. Using the speakers at the factory preset levels are perfect, unless you want to pump up the bass for additional boom the sound is good enough for sports, music as well as movies. Here’s a quick tip: try not to place the subwoofer too close to the walls, it tends to block the rear bass reflex port and spoils the overall sound quality. The latest wireless home theatre system from LG is elegantly built and will definitely match the interiors of your home, without leaving ugly wires and cables hanging around and that is why we recommend you get your hands on this system before the Cricket World Cup 2015 begins.

Three Wonderful Things A New Frost Free Refrigerator Can Do

Advances in refrigeration technology has not only increased the efficiency of these devices that are essential in modern life, but they will also make your life run smoothly if it has been more than 10 years since you looked at the new Frost free refrigerator, here are three things that are new Frost free refrigerator can do that will improve your impact on the environment and make your life easier.

Reduce Wasted Energy

There is a path breaking technology which has been doing rounds in the refrigerators industry lately and it is called “Power cut ever cool”. LG, the South Korean technology giant which is behind the science of keeping the content of the refrigerator cool even during a power cut, says that it can keep the contents of your refrigerator cool and fresh for up to 7 hours without electricity! For all the environment – enthusiasts, this is a great news which can help a lot in switching off the Frost free refrigerator at night or even occasionally during the day and not worry about the contents of the fridge getting wasted.

Eliminate The Need For Water Coolers

Most modern Frost free refrigerators come with through the door water dispensers. There are many benefits of this feature, the most important and noteworthy is that it eliminates the need to buy a separate water cooler unit to get clean, fresh and cool water. You can fill up large reusable water bottles and even pots and pans for cooking food – all with the press of a simple button on the door of the refrigerator – without even opening it!

Storing More Fresh Foods In Summer

In the summer, when you eat more fresh produce like salads and fruits, being able to store three or four compartments full of such easily perishable items in your Frost free refrigerator is a big advantage. Fridges today hold much more inside, without necessarily increasing the overall footprint of the appliance on the environment. It is very important to note that smaller refrigerators are not always more efficient because in a small fridge you will have to over-stuff everything and reduced the circulation of cold air within the fridge, which you must know, reduces the efficiency of the appliance.

It’s important to choose the right size for your needs. The sweet spot, in terms of energy consumption, is a fridge that is not bigger then 20 ft.³ of space inside. It is wiser to get one big fridge than two smaller ones; not only will that help you store food more conveniently, it will also help you manage energy costs.

The 84 inch 3-D TV – A Game Changer!

LG Electronics the first TV manufacturer to globally launched an untried city be commercially, took a clear lead in the ultra-HD TV segment when it released its 84 inch model recently. Since then, this extraordinary product has been trying brief reviews from some of the worlds most reputable home entertainment authorities, and rightfully so. It has won the prestigious CES award for innovation, besides several others for being a game changer in its category.

 Incredible Picture Quality

The 84 inch 3-D TV boasts an incredible 8 million pixels per frame. Thanks to LG’s advanced triple XD changing, the TV displays visually stunning images and ultra-HD resolution, which is four times greater than that of full HDTV panels in the market today. Additionally, the inbuilt Resolution Upscaler Plus technology renders non-ultra-HD content in sharper detail and clarity: a much-needed solution to the problem of images appearing grainy when viewed on the large, high-resolution display. The TV is capable of producing most spectacular level of details ever seen on TV, despite its expensive screen, which is equivalent to four 42 inch TVs.

Theatre Like Audio Performance

The robust 2.2 channel speaker system, consisting of two 10 W speakers and two 15W, enhances the ultra-HD TVs ability to bring a true traitor like experience at home to create a lush soundscape that perfectly complements the breath taking details on the mammoth screen. LG has equipped the 84 inch 3-D TV with cinema 3-D technology – the pairing of jawdropping resolution and LG’s comfortable 3-D ensures the most immersive viewing experience around. It is possible for the viewer to a chest the perceived distance between on-screen objects while the 3-D sound zooming feature generates sound relative to their virtual location and directional movement.

Smart Design And Features

LG’s redesigned remote makes navigating smart TVs easier than ever. The companies smart TV platform recently offers approximately thousands of apps and access to a growing range of premium content services, like 3-D world and game world. Dual Play – a technology developed by LG takes multiplayer gaming to the next level, it allows both participants to simultaneously see their game characters in separate 84 inch images – another unprecedented feat accomplished by LG!

Although the technology is almost rare to some extent, there are several manufacturers in the Indian market that offers the 84 inch 3-D TV in different forms and for different prices. Sony, Toshiba and Haier have pretty good alternatives if you want to check them out.

Buy Air Conditioners Online

The summer is upon you and in just couple of months you will need to buy air-conditioners to stay cool during the day and even at night. While on one hand, you need the equipment that keeps you cool no matter how hot it is outside, on the other hand there is energy bills and other expenses to worry about. As of today, the price of air-conditioners is more than that of air coolers and that is because coolers are not considered as efficient as air-conditioners – but then there is the obvious cost advantage of buying an air cooler! So the question is – should you buy air-conditioners or air coolers?

The air cooler versus air-conditioners debate is quite old and there are advocates on both sides. While some people think that air coolers provide sufficient cooling for a warm day, others insist that air coolers can prove to be big failures in certain areas and certain temperatures. Critics, on the other hand, say that both can be put to use in an effective and efficient manner but buyers will have to analyse everything before finalising their purchase.

Quality Of Air

Since an air cooler and then air-conditioners typically uses different methods to cool off places, the quality of air degenerate are radically different as well. And coolers work best when they circulate air through one’s offices and rooms constantly using the whole room is a source of fresh air. This means that people will be breathing in fresh air. Also, at coolers do not require customers to start their windows and doors when they are operating. In fact, they work better and the windows and doors are open. Thus they keep on bringing in your air from outside to. Air-conditioners, conversely, require one to shut down the windows and doors in order to operate.

Moisture Content In Air

Air coolers to not work unless there is water in the water tank. The mechanism in which air coolers work is supposed to inject moisture in the air. This is done in order to keep the air from becoming way too dry for comfort of the inhabitants in the room. Sometimes however, excess moisture in the air may not be helpful at all. There are some areas in the world where humidity and an increase in moisture is the root cause of all the heat – and India is one of them, therefore it is important to consider whether or not you are comfortable with a little bit of moisture in your room. A typical air conditioner removes excess moisture from the air instead of injecting it, which makes it a preferable choice for many. Obviously, the cost of extracting moisture is more than that of introducing it, which means you end up paying more when you buy air-conditioners.

Final Words

Both air coolers and air-conditioners have their own advantages and disadvantages as you would expect them to have. With air coolers, you have the option of saving a lot on operational costs but the quality of air and the efficiency with which it cools the air is not at par with an air conditioner. By paying a little more for an air conditioner you get all the goodness of latest technology as well as keep your family comfortable in the sweltering, humid Indian summers – which we think is a better thing to do. Take a moment to consider the added advantages you get out of an air conditioner and then start looking for affordable options in the market!