The 84 inch 3-D TV – A Game Changer!

LG Electronics the first TV manufacturer to globally launched an untried city be commercially, took a clear lead in the ultra-HD TV segment when it released its 84 inch model recently. Since then, this extraordinary product has been trying brief reviews from some of the worlds most reputable home entertainment authorities, and rightfully so. It has won the prestigious CES award for innovation, besides several others for being a game changer in its category.

 Incredible Picture Quality

The 84 inch 3-D TV boasts an incredible 8 million pixels per frame. Thanks to LG’s advanced triple XD changing, the TV displays visually stunning images and ultra-HD resolution, which is four times greater than that of full HDTV panels in the market today. Additionally, the inbuilt Resolution Upscaler Plus technology renders non-ultra-HD content in sharper detail and clarity: a much-needed solution to the problem of images appearing grainy when viewed on the large, high-resolution display. The TV is capable of producing most spectacular level of details ever seen on TV, despite its expensive screen, which is equivalent to four 42 inch TVs.

Theatre Like Audio Performance

The robust 2.2 channel speaker system, consisting of two 10 W speakers and two 15W, enhances the ultra-HD TVs ability to bring a true traitor like experience at home to create a lush soundscape that perfectly complements the breath taking details on the mammoth screen. LG has equipped the 84 inch 3-D TV with cinema 3-D technology – the pairing of jawdropping resolution and LG’s comfortable 3-D ensures the most immersive viewing experience around. It is possible for the viewer to a chest the perceived distance between on-screen objects while the 3-D sound zooming feature generates sound relative to their virtual location and directional movement.

Smart Design And Features

LG’s redesigned remote makes navigating smart TVs easier than ever. The companies smart TV platform recently offers approximately thousands of apps and access to a growing range of premium content services, like 3-D world and game world. Dual Play – a technology developed by LG takes multiplayer gaming to the next level, it allows both participants to simultaneously see their game characters in separate 84 inch images – another unprecedented feat accomplished by LG!

Although the technology is almost rare to some extent, there are several manufacturers in the Indian market that offers the 84 inch 3-D TV in different forms and for different prices. Sony, Toshiba and Haier have pretty good alternatives if you want to check them out.


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