Buy 3D TV Online in India

History of 3D TV’s:

It all initiated around 300 BC when a Greek Scientist named Euklides discovered human binocular vision. Number of scientists worked on creation of images in 3 Dimensions, including Leonardo da Vinci who developed theories on the same. The focus of scientists was also on developing methods by which 3D effects could be reproduced in images and movies. Later, the interest in 3D image technology evolved along with movie and photography technology. This proceeded till the beginning of World War II. Various engineers and inventors also came into picture by late 1800s when they started inventing televisions. It was some years later that scientists begun to incorporate 3D image technology with the latest televisions.

1990’s witnessed the release of number of 3D movies in the IMAX format.  Finally, in 2010, channel broadcasters declared that they will be displaying programs and shows in 3D. This was how 3D technology came into the picture and mesmerised us.

How is the picture quality of 3D TV?

3D picture gives overall depth to the image with smooth motion and it involves no loss of resolution or detail. The picture quality is just unparalleled

How 3D Effect is created?

As 3D display devices offer 3D depth in images, they are capable of offsetting images showed  to the viewer’s right and left eye. The image focal points and convergence points distinguish when the viewer is looking at a real object. In 3D viewing, the viewer’s eyes converge two images that are displayed in front of him. But actually, the images are displayed on a screen, which is at a different distance from what is obtained by the eyes.
What is the future of 3D TV ?

3D TV technology is evolving. Nowadays,  3D TV manufacturers are developing technology for 3D viewing without the glasses. Use of a special screen is one of the biggest advancements in 3D technology.  Special screen sends distinct images to each eye. Lenticular technology also known as autostereoscopic technology displays images in columns. Images employ a parallax barrier that generates 3D effect without the use of 3D glasses.


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