Buy Air Conditioner Online In India

I know how it feels to enter home after struggling with the scorching sun. If you have an A.C at home, the pain gets reduced to a greater extent. But you will agree that even turning on the A.C after getting home, takes little time to cool the area. No doubt, A.C also demands to be pampered. If not pampered properly, it can stop working and add to the pain. You must have experienced this once in a while as this usually happens if not taken care properly. It happened with me too. As a result, I spoke to LG ‘s experienced and courteous staff who guided me very well. Yes, I bought my A.C from L.G as the brand is highly reputed. They provided me with some very good ways to beat the summer heat without driving up monthly energy expenses. Let me share some of the tips with you.

Let your A.C run at peak performance with these tips:
 Keep a fresh filter in your system: Fresh filtration is one of the best ways to make sure that your A.C is working well. You should exchange your home’s air filter every month during the summer. During summers, our A.C operates almost all the time and this builds up dirt and dust on the air filter, making it harder for your system to move the same amount of air. Thus, keeping a fresh filter in your system can increase efficiency and over all health of your A.C.
A Programmed Thermostat: A well programmed thermostat not only increases your air conditioner’s efficiency but also lessens your expenses.
 Clean Aluminum Fins in the A.C: Clean the aluminium fins carefully with the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. You can also buy a fin comb for this.
Use this trick: Turn up the temperature a little bit, one or two degrees at a time. Energy Star says running the AC at 78 degrees gets the most out of your AC in terms of efficiency and money. The trick is to turn up the AC a little bit at night— to 70, and then set the thermostat for 74 the next day. Slowly, your body will acclimate.
Is the drain of your A.C Unclogged?: Make it sure to unclog the A.C’s drainline. You can also take the help of your HVAC guy.


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