Answer To All Your Dvd Player Related Questions

Digital Versatile Disc

DVD is capable of storing large amounts of data on one disc. DVD’s were first sold in 1997. To play DVDs on a computer, you must have a DVD drive and software DVD player.

How much data can a DVD hold?

There come variations with the different types of DVDs. Take a look below to know about the different DVD’s holding different amounts of data.

  • Single-Layered Disc: This disc is capable of holding 4.7 GB
  • Double-Layered Disc: This disc is capable of holding between 8.5-8.7 GB.
  • Double-sided, single-layer disc: The disc is capable of holding 9.4 GB.
  • Double-sided, double-layer disc: The disc is capable of holding up to 17.08 GB.


Things you should consider:

DVD Players with 1080i or 1080p supports HDMI. You should make sure the DVD player you get upscales both DVDs and other video files over component and not just HDMI.

Instead of burning DVD-Rs or DVD-RWs, just stream the files directly from your PC or file server. Thus, it is good to make sure that the player you buy supports audio streaming as well.

Try to look for wireless DVD Player as it will stream data with no extra wiring involved.

Although many DVD players have 5.1 audio with either optical or coaxial audio outputs, but if you have a limited budget, just make sure it’s got the right connections.


Few Main Features of DVD Player

  • Reading Ability: This feature of DVD Player allows users to insert discs into a DVD player that have been burned with MP3s audio files.
  • JPEG Reading Ability: These features allow users to burn JPEG files (photos) onto a disc, and view them through their television.
  • Multi-Region DVD Players: Multi-region DVD players are coded to play DVDs from multiple regions. This feature is very useful for the people who purchase movies from other countries.

Reasons To Choose Widescreen LED TV’s

Televisions were first proposed by Paul Julius Gottlieb Nipkow in 1884. Friedrich Reinitzer discovered the liquid crystals that are now used in LED and LCD TVs. But nothing was practical till the time when John Lagie Baird created first television in 1925. After just 3 years, he created the world’s first color TV in 1928. After a period in which many developments took place, the largest plasma TV came in to picture in 2008. Nowadays, televisions are consistently getting advanced with each new development in technology. There are many reasons to stay updated with the latest by choosing LED TV’s. Let’s take a look at the below reasons.

  • Environment Friendly: As in today’s era, cost of fossil fuels is becoming a vital issue worldwide; LED TV’s are actually protecting the environment by reducing the energy used in lighting
  • Good Quality of Light: Nowadays, the kind of LEDs is available that produce more lumens per watt than incandescent bulbs without compromising with the quality of light
  • Cost Efficiency: The technology is cost efficient too as it reduce the costs associated with lighting
  • Versatility: LED lighting is more versatile and durable
  • Widescreen LED TV Looks Great: These TV’s have a thin yet sleek, modern look, and they look good in almost any setting.
  • Great Picture Quality: LED’s are known for their picture quality. LED lit televisions give a brighter picture compared to LCD TVs.

Everything You Need To Know About UHD TV

UHD TV’s were introduced in August 2012 by the Consumer Electronics Association. These TV’s are also defined as resolutions of “at least 3,840×2, 160 pixels”. The TV’s came into the picture with the purpose to replace the term 4K. UHD’s are also another word for 4K.


What is a UHD TV?

Ultra-high-definition television is a digital television display format. In this, the horizontal screen is resolution is in the order of 4000 pixels or 8000 pixels. UHD is known for its higher resolutions and more realistic colour & higher frame rates than HDTV.

Reasons to buy UHD TV

  • You get detailed pictures: The first great thing about 4K or UHD TV’s is that their pictures have more detail and sharpness. Their 3840×2160 pixel equate to four times the resolution of the full HD pictures.
  • You get an improved image depth: Yes, it is the other pro of these TV’s. UHD’s extra pixels make pictures look deeper.
  • Great colour: UHD’s pixels help pictures render colour blends with more subtlety. It makes you live in the moment by giving real life experiences
  • Buy it for cinematic experience: The extra resolution in 4K images retain the picture’s quality better on bigger screens. 4K can provide a pristine picture that fills more of your field of view
  • Easy on pocket: UHD TV’s are not much expensive also. A plethora of choices are available to you at affordable prices

Top Refrigerators You Should Buy In 2015

If you are all set to buy the refrigerators, here is a small guide below which will help you in making a smart and effective decision. I have brought to you the refrigerators that are on the top of the list of the buyers these days who are looking forward to buy the refrigerators. Just take a sneak peek in to the features of refrigerators and know more about them.


Key Features

  • Capacity: 285 Litres
  • BEE Star Rating: 4
  • Defrosting Type: Frost Free
  • Material Used for Shelves: Toughened Glass

LG GL-B252VLGY 240 L Double Door Refrigerator

Key Features

  • Control Options: Door Lock
  • Defrosting System: Frost Free
  • Cooling Technology: 4 way Cooling


Samsung RR1915CCASA

Key Features

  • 180 L
  • 1 Door with Tempered Glass Shelf
  • Stabiliser Free Operation
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • Sustains wide range of voltage fluctuations

Whirlpool NEO IC255 DELUXE Frost Free Refrigerator (Titanium)

Key Features

  • 242 Litres Double Door Refrigerator
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • BEE 3 Star Rating
  • Frost Free Defrosting

All You Should Know About Window A.C’s

Why you should go for a Window A.C?


  • An idea to reduce clutter: If you want to lessen the clutter in your home, it’s great to go with a Window A.C




  • More cooling power per British thermal unit: Window A.C’s use energy more efficiently than a portable unit. That means you get more cooling power per BTU. The higher the BTU number is, the bigger the room space the unit can cool.




  • Less Expensive than Central A.C: Window Air Conditioner is less expensive than the central air conditioner.




Factors that need to be taken care while buying Window A.C:


  • Size of your room: Firstly, determine the area of your room. The size of the window AC you choose depends upon the area of the room you are going to place it in.




Measure the cooling capacity of your A.C: The cooling capacity of an Air-conditioner is measured in tons. It is always better to determine the cooling capacity of your A.C.





                       Go for a reputed brand: Always go for a reputed brand while choosing the A.C. It is advised to compare the AC with different brands to choose the best AC for your home.

Things you should know about OLED TV

OLED TV’s: A Short Introduction

Organic Light Emitting Diode televisions use an organic substance that glows when an electric current is introduced. This design reduces the thickness and weight of the TV. The light passes through a combination of filters to reproduce high-definition images. LG and Samsung are the only two companies that sell OLED TV’s.

Why so much hype about OLED TV’s?

OLED TV’s are known for delivering the best picture quality. There is so much hype about these TV’s because they give you dazzling, bright picture quality with smooth motion, deep blacks and vibrant colours. Also, they are slimmer than LED-backlit LCD TVs.

Why you should go for OLED TV’s?

Black levels: OLED TVs reproduce blacks that look as if the TV is off, yet other areas on the screen are just as vibrant and bright as they should be. This is the reason that people sometimes opt for OLED TV’s rather than plasma TV’s.

·         Colour gamut: OLED is also known for a wider colour gamut than LED, rendering colours more accurately and vibrantly.

·         Great Contrast: OLED TV’s have an infinite contrast ratio. This reason is also responsible as many people are looking forward to buy OLED TV’s.

·         Wide viewing angles: The best part about these TV’s is that OLED TV can be viewed at around 160-degrees without any degradation in the picture

5 Best Maintenance Tips for your Split A.C

  • I believe that no matter what kind of product you are having, its longevity totally depends upon the care and maintenance from your side. Whether the A.C is domestic or commercial, its components demand extra care. So, considering the same, I have grasped some best maintenance tips for your split A.C’s. Let’s take a look on the same.

    1. First of all, it should be about Air conditioning filter, which is the most significant part of an AC. Thus, it should be changed after every two months (based on its use). Dirty air conditioning filter increases the air conditioning repair and maintenance cost.

    2. Second thing which is of utmost importance is the compressor of your split A.C. Thus, you should be consistent in cleaning the compressor regularly to get cool and refreshing air. There are several cleaning oils available in market.

    3.Talking about evaporator, it makes sense to replace the old evaporator coil as it improves the air flow inside the home.

    4.The air ducts in an air conditioner are spread throughout the entire house and are responsible for keeping the area cool and pleasant. Thus, the dirt which gets collected on the air ducts should also be cleaned consistently.

    5.The refrigerant that solves the purpose of absorbing the excess heat and supplying cool air inside the house sometimes results in the leakage. If it happens, make it sure to contact the service provider of the manufacturer company

2 Things on which you should surely keep a check

  • There are times when your split A.C shows a problem in heating. If it happens, you should immediately clean the air filters of your split A.C. If the problem continues, call an expert for help.
  • The second thing which usually happens is that sometimes ice blocks the tube and cold air stops coming from the air conditioning filter, doesn’t matter even if you have cleaned the filters recently. This is a symbol which says that the air conditioning refrigerant needs to be repaired or replaced.