LG Home Audio Systems: Create An Astounding Sound Zone Anywhere, Anytime

So what do you do when you want to escape into the best surround sound? Put on your earphones, turn on your favourite music at full volume and ignore the world.

Well, even better would be to create a stunning sound zone right in the comfort of your home, invite` your friends and rock the house to have the time of your life. Immerse yourselves in the scintillating sound quality with rich acoustics, state-of-the-art Hi-Fi systems and iPod docks that will take your favourite music to the next level.

Give in to the temptation of partying daily without any reasons with LG’s Home Audio Systems. The feature loaded audio systems will make you sit back and take note of the jaw-dropping attributes:

  • DJ Star – Be the DJ yourself with the Smart DJ in your LG Home Audio Systems. Auto-mix music using sound effects such as Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, and Delay, while creating feet-tapping beats with Backspin, Crossfade, and Beatbox or using scratch and voice sampling.

Home Audio Systems

  • Be Party Ready – The powerful portable X Boom will make it hard for you to resist partying anytime, anywhere. Plug in many music devices at the same time with multiple USB-enabled devices and experience the most convenient music playing. The option to connect Bluetooth devices for the music of your choice is just another modest add-on.


  • Versatility meets portability – Unlock the DJ in you with LG X Boom. Impress and entertain your friends by mixing music using the most unique sound effects.


  • Memorable, Musical Moments – Create lasting impressions and memories with your favorite music that flows and follows you everywhere you go.

Experience the passion for music that has led to the creation of LG’s Home Audio Systems. With the mesmerizing surround sound enveloping your senses, you will never want to come out of the musical spell.


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