When You Buy Double Door Refrigerators Online


Forming an integral part of your home décor, refrigerators do much more than just storing your food. Beat the summer heat and store food and vegetables while keeping their freshness and flavors intact. With unique and creative designs being introduced in the form of super-stylish and feature loaded refrigerators, double-door refrigerators are a classy addition to the variants.

Benefits of Buying Double Door Refrigerators

  • Greater Capacity – the use of double door allows extensive storage capacity. The lower storage area is more spacious to fit in large items like a full watermelon. Also, the door occupies less space when opened due to narrow design as compared to the freezer door.

Double Door Refrigerators Online

  • Enhanced Cooling – separate sections for freezing and routine storage help balance the temperature specific to each section. The storage section uses better cooling technology to help preserve food for longer durations, without compromising on the nutrients. Food can be preserved for twice as long, with the freshness staying intact.


  • Frost Free – like all refrigerators, the frost free feature in double-door fridges prevents thick layers of frost from forming inside the freezer. This frees up larger space allowing full utilization of the freezing area.
  • Larger Freezing Area – single door fridges have less freezing space. Double-door gives you the freedom of freezing and storing as many items as you want in a larger separate section. Since a dedicated separate section is available for storing frozen items, cooling is more efficient as the freezer is not opened as frequently as the lower section.

While these key benefits are offered by all other brands, you know when you opt for any LG appliance; jaw-dropping add-on features are very obvious. From running on inverters to retaining the same cooling even when it electric supply is switched off, LG’s best in class refrigerators have been designed to save energy without compromising the performance.


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