LED Projectors Online: Everything You Need to Know

LED Projectors make a great impression, no matter you’re hosting movie night or leading a business seminar, a big-screen presentation can make the things special and remarkable. Movie buffs and gamers just love LED projectors. The best part is that these projectors offer more screen size for your money as compared to a television. On the other side, when it comes to your business, it’s really a flexible way to share presentations with groups of almost any size.

LED Projectors: Why it’s Wise to Go for It?

The first reason to buy LED Projectors is that the projectors screen makes the picture look better and brighter. As the screen reflects back light, it works together with your projector to make colours and images pop off the screen. As every screen is rated according to its gain factor, higher the gain, the brighter the image will be on the screen. It is good to know that white screens enhance brightness, which is especially beneficial for business use while grey screens boost colour contrast and make 3D images stand out more, which makes it a good colour choice for a home theatre room.

LED Projectors Online

LED Projectors: Types of Projector Screens

  1. Motorized screens: Motorized screens lower down and rise at the touch of a button. These screens make it easy to control the screen when it’s mounted out of reach.
  2. Fixed screens: Fixed Screens are mounted on the wall, which require a dedicated space but not any lowering or rising of the screen.
  3. Pull-down screens: Pull-down screens save space by letting you retract the screen when not in use and allowing you to use the same space for other purposes.
  4. Portable screens: Portable screens are also known as tripod-mounted screen. The screen of these projector scrolls open and close for portable use, with tripod legs or a built-in stand for support.

As per my personal experience, I’ll advise you to rely upon LG for buying LED Projectors as LG is a highly recognised brand when it comes to deliver high quality LED Projectors after understanding your needs.


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