OLED TV: A Short Brief

Organic Light Emitting Diodes technology was first implemented in 1987 by Kodak researchers Ching W. Tang and Steven Van Slyky. OLED TV basically uses a series of thin, light emitting films which further allow the OLED array to produce brighter light and at the same time using lesser energy than existing LCD/LED technologies. OLED TVs have organic in their name due to the fact that light-emitting films comprise of hydrocarbon chains instead of semiconductors laden with heavy metals like Gallium Arsenide Phosphide.

OLED TV In India

OLED panel is typically made of four primary layers. The first layer i.e. substrate layer acts as the structural framework; the anode draws electrons; the cathode provides electrons; and the organic layer between. The organic layer is further divided into a conducting layer which delivers ‘electron holes’ in which the electrons flowing through layer snap into, shedding energy in the process—and also an emissive layer where the light is actually produced.


In case, you are looking for a high quality OLED TV, below are 2 most important features of OLED TVs you must know.

  1. OLEDs are Efficient: As OLED displays don’t need any of the electronics to drive the LED back light and LCD shutter from a LED display, these kinds of TVs prove to be more efficient. Apart from this, the best part about OLED TVs are that they turn the pixel off entirely to produce the colour black, saving energy in the process.
  2. They Produce Better Picture Quality: This lack of permanently-switched-on backlight promotes higher contrast ratio while the lack of shutter array that allow refresh rates in an order magnitude faster than those of LCD/LED sets. Moreover, OLED TVs offer wide viewing angles to give you superior picture quality.

It is always a smart move to rely upon a reputed and highly recognised brand to ensure the durability of OLED TVs. As per my personal experience, LG offers the highest quality of OLED TVs to its valued clients and it designs products that are responsive and energy efficient.


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