Single Door Refrigerators: Factors to Look For

Single Door Refrigerators have direct cooling technology embedded in them. The freezer in the refrigerator is cooled to sub-zero temperatures. Apart from this, the refrigerator is a sealed unit, thus allows external air to come in. When the internal air comes in contact with the cold box, it cools and sinks to lower levels. As a result, warmer air at the bottom is cooled and consequently sinks. The same cycle goes on and on till cut-off temperature is reached, at which point the thermostat cuts off power to the compressor.

In case you are looking forward to buy Single Door Refrigerators, below are some important factors you must consider.

  1. Size of your Single Door Refrigerator

Measuring the space available at your home helps you in determining the right size of refrigerator before you make a purchase. In order to measure the right way, measure the height and depth. Also take into account whether you are able to completely open the door or not.

  1. Right Features

Single Door Refrigerators come equipped with many advanced as well as basic features in different combinations. While buying Single Door Refrigerators, consider whether the shelves are wired, acrylic or tempered glass. It is advised to go for tempered glass as it is comparatively sturdier. Quick-freeze compartments, separators, deodorizers, noise levels, child locks and moisture control are some other great features you should look for in your refrigerator.

  1. Door Type and Ratings

The efficiency of your single door refrigerator also depends on the type of refrigerator door. As ratings communicate the energy efficiency quotient of the refrigerator, the stars ranging from 1-5 convey how much electricity units will the appliance consume, with 1 being the most and 5 being the least.

Last but not the least it is always smart to rely upon a reputed and highly recognised brand in order to buy the best. As per my personal experience, I will advise you to buy your Single Door Refrigerator from LG as LG is the pioneer in electronics industry which designs products that are intuitive, responsive and energy efficient so you can spend wisely, be more productive and lessen the impact on the world around you.


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