Beat the Summer Heat with LG’s Split AC Online

Beat the Summer Heat with LG’s Split AC Online

The last thing you want is to enter your home after a scorching sunny day and be greeted with an equally hot and humid atmosphere. You begin to wonder if there is any respite on this planet from the sweltering heat.

In your search for an air conditioner, consider buying split AC online as these ACs are easy to install without much alterations in your home décor and LG India’s uniquely designed and feature loaded compliment your interiors as a highly attractive addition to your home. While the AC is the only relief from the blazing sun, it requires an equal amount of attention and if not maintained properly, may ditch you anytime, even during the summer peak.


Installing an AC also invites power consumption concerns. That is where 5 start rating ACs play a major role in energy conservation. So what can one do then? Read on to find out the best tips to make your AC run longer and cool more efficiently.

Let Your A.C Perform It’s Best With These Tips:

  • Keep a Fresh Filter in Your System: Fresh filtration is one of the best ways to ensure that your A.C is works well for long. You must change your home’s air filter every month during the summer. During summers, our A.C. runs almost all the time and this accumulates dirt and dust on the air filter, making it tougher for your system to throw the same amount of air. Thus, keeping a fresh filter in your system can enhance proficiency and overall health of your A.C.
  • A Programmed Thermostat: A well programmed thermostat not only increases your air conditioner’s efficiency but also minimises your expenses.
  • Clean The Aluminum Fins in the AC: Clean the aluminium fins cautiously with the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. You can also buy a fin comb for this.
  • Use This Trick: Turn up the temperature a little bit, one or two degrees at a time. Energy Star says running the AC at 78 degrees gets the most out of your AC in terms of efficiency and money. The trick is to turn up the AC a little bit at night— to 70, and then set the thermostat for 74 the next day. Slowly, your body will get accustomed.
  • Is the Drain of Your AC Unclogged?: Make sure to unclog the ACs drain line. You can also take the help of your service technician.

I would recommend you to trust LG as the brand is celebrated worldwide for its electronics. LG offers the most competent air conditioners when it comes to cooling and energy saving. The A.C’s are incorporated with innovative technologies. Look wise also, they are hard to ignore and give you superior comfort with faster and comfortable cooling.


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