Front Loading Washing Machines: Good Design & Superior Functionality

Front Loading Washing Machines: An Overview

A good design and superior functionality are two great reasons that have led to the increasing demand of front load washing machines in the market. Saving you the time and effort involved in washing clothes given your hectic schedules, these washing machines have become more accessible within the average consumer budget. Also, compared to the top load machines, the front loaders are able to spin at greater speeds because of the basic mechanical design.

6 Motion Direct Drive Washers

Some Good Reasons to Buy Front Loading Washing Machines

  • In a front loading washing machine, water consumption is lowered. Most of the newer front loading washers use an average of somewhere between 10-18 gallons.
  • Since these machines use less water than a traditional washing machine, they require a different type of detergent. The type of detergent recommended is a high efficiency detergent, and these can be purchased at any local supermarket.
  • In many of these machines, bleach is no longer needed. Bleach isn’t very good for your clothes, and it’s bad for the machine as well. So protect your appliance and clothes with only the customised detergent for fully-automatic washing machine.
  • Most washers also have a fabric softener dispenser, which is on a time release system and is added at the necessary point of the wash cycle.
  • Front loading machines also cut your dry times since they spin out much faster than a traditional top loading machine.

Some effective tips to buy your new front loading washing machine

  1. Consider Washing Loads: When it comes to purchasing a front loading washing machine, make sure that you find a machine appropriate for your daily needs.
  2. Consider the Energy Efficiency: If you want to save money on energy costs and if you want to lessen the impact your appliance use will have on the environment, the front loading variety of washing machine really may be the best option for you.
  3. Consider Space: Always consider space factor while purchasing front loading washing machine.


The best part about frontloading machines is that you have a variety of options to choose from. LG has multiple models at various prices for some equally affordable machines. Thus, consider a front loading machine from LG home appliances. Front loading machines by LG increase your washing capacity, save on energy bills and improve the appeal of your laundry room.


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