Bring Alive Reel to Real Life with LED Projectors Online

The world judges you from the way you project yourself. With best in class technology displaying true to life images, you can always flaunt amazing content to bring alive the special memories you share with your loved ones.

Let the LG LED projects throw out enriching real-life like images and you can create a stunning multiplex experience right in the comfort of the home. When not enjoying your favourite shows or movies, stay ahead of your colleagues with the projectors to help you deliver lectures and presentations to a large group.

LED Projector

Installed in classrooms, conference halls, and home theatres, projectors differ in operations and usability features. From handheld devices that deliver viewable images in a dark room to high-powered devices that are easily read, even in brightly lit offices, you can buy LED projectors online, without having to struggle from shop to shop shortlisting the best ones.

Types of Projectors

DLP Projectors 

Relying primarily on a DLP chip called Digital Micro-mirror Device (DMD), DLP projectors are easy to maintain due to their filter-free and sealed chip design, preventing dust to settle on the chip leading to an image spot. DLP projectors are also immune to colour decay and not prone to misalignments due to a three-panel design.

LCD Projectors

Using the same liquid crystal displays that create the images in watches and other electronic devices, the technology is more reliable than traditional film projectors. Ideal for larger rooms having greater projection distance, LCD projectors are compatible with zoom lenses and also less expensive.

LED Projectors

When you decide to buy LED projectors online, be sure to know your choice in and out. The most advanced projection technology, LED projectors are defined not by the display technology used, but by the lighting. In terms of durability, the LEDs in an LED projector have a much longer life than traditional projector lamps, rated at 10,000 or even 20,000 hours as opposed to 1,000 hours to 5,000 hours.

LG Micro Portable LED Projectors are true solution for projection, with 2.5 hours lasting embedded battery so that you never have to pause between an entertaining journey. Light weight, compact design and powerful sound qualities, you can easily connect devices, thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility.


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