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Look after Your Microwave Ovens to Enjoy Delicious Cuisines

Indian kitchens are incomplete without microwave ovens – and so are the mouth-watering cuisines that are cooked in these kitchens. From baking to heating, a microwave adds to the flavours of any regular dish and gives you that ultimate taste enhancement.


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But for microwave ovens to perform to their optimum capacity, proper maintenance and care is essential to ensure they continue to serve you with tasteful delicacies. Let us take a look at some cleaning and maintenance tips to keep in mind when you buy microwave ovens online.

Vessels to Use:

If you are not using the appropriate vessel made of a microwave safe material, you are actually shortening the life of your microwave.

  • Never heat baby bottles in microwave ovens.
  • Look before putting any plastic, glass or ceramic vessels in microwave. Not all of them are safe for microwave oven heating.
  • Fatty foods should ideally be heated in glass vessels.
  • Always use microwave safe utensils. Other plastic vessels can melt or bend at high temperatures and cause harm to the food constituents.


Cleaning Tips

Always ensure your microwave oven is clean and tidy, and there are no stains or oily grease accumulated.

  • Clean the stains and spills regularly. It is recommended to use a mild detergent and water in small quantities for tougher stains. But ensure you do not end up dipping the microwave in water.
  • Clean the corners and joints of the door to keep it working smooth and dust-free.
  • Put one spoon of baking soda in one glass water and heat it inside the microwave for a few minutes. This will absorb all the odours.


General Safety Measures

Observe the following precautions which can protect you from any sudden hazard.

  • Never operate microwave when it is empty. The steam emitted can be risky and doing this also reduces the life of the microwave.
  • Use soft clean clothes for cleaning the microwave ovens. Avoid using harsh clean pads which may cause scratches in the microwave walls and heat plate.
  • Keep it out of children’s reach. Do not allow your kids to operate the microwave oven. There are ovens which have child lock; so use it all the time.

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Retreat into a Relaxing Zone with LG India’s Window Air Conditioners

Being easier to install and even more cost effective, window air conditioners are preferred by a lot of people who wish to instantly cool limited spaces and add a touch of creative designs to the interiors. If you too are planning to buy window air conditioners online, LG India’s Online Brand Store should be your ultimate choice given the widest range of premium window air conditioners on display.

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Window air conditioners are also a feasible option if you are living in a rented accommodation and cannot make much alteration in the infrastructure. Let us take a look at the major considerations to keep in mind while buying window air conditioners.

  • Cooling Capacity

The bigger the room size, higher the capacity of the window AC you should opt for. Installing a lower capacity air conditioner in a big room will only increase your electricity consumption and compromise on the cooling effect. On the other hand, a window AC that’s too large for your space won’t cool and dehumidify your space evenly, leaving your room air prone to uncomfortable hot and cold pockets.

To identify the ideal capacity of the air conditioner you are buying, discuss your exact room size with the salesperson and they will advise you correctly.

  • Installations

To ensure the window air conditioner fits exactly in the window space you have decided for it, take exact measurements before you start exploring different models. These exact measurements will tell you whether you will need an outside frame to support your air conditioner which will also fill the extra space if any. Usually the installation units provided with the AC have side curtains to cover the extra space on the sides.

  • Electricity Requirements

Before installing a window air conditioner, ensure your electricity sanctioned load is enough to support the massive consumption this heavy appliance will demand. Air conditioners consume much more electricity than any other household appliances. Electricity requirements are listed in the specifications in terms of amps, voltage, watts along with the plug face type.

  • Energy Efficiency

This also pertains to the star ratings along with other energy saving features like auto-off, programmable timers, digital thermostats, and multiple cooling speeds. Five star ratings are the best as they save the highest level of electricity.

LG India’s energy efficient window air conditioners cool rooms in a way that you can easily retreat into a relaxing atmosphere in the scorching heat.