Buying LG Microwave Ovens Online? Read On For Features To Focus On

Be it the last minute rush to serve the guests with mouthwatering delicacies or quickly reheating your coffee before running for office, microwave ovens offer excellent convenience when it comes to cooking up something or the other in a jiffy. With frozen food becoming the staple diet of many working professionals, microwaves have become an essential kitchen partner.

So if you too are planning to buy microwave ovens online, here are a few general features to look for to help you make the most of your defrosting or reheating requirements.


Although price is the major determining factor for the number of features a microwave can offer, certain basic features remain constant. A useful one in this regard is the sensor, which measures the steam food emits and turns off the microwave at exactly the point when cooking is done. Here are other features to consider.

  • Turntables and Trays

Essential for mounting the food or utensils inside the microwave, these keep the food moving for uniform heating from all sides. Most microwaves come with a turntable that rotates food. Some alternatively replace the turntable with a rectangular tray that slides from side to side. This tends to work better for large casseroles or platters.

  • Quick Key

This helps to quickly set and add seconds to reach the desired cooking or heating time. A 1-minute or 30 second key requires just a tap to extend the preset cooking time, maintaining whatever power level was selected.

  • Racks

You can multi-task even within that small inlet with these racks cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. They may also be used to improve convection cooking by allowing heat beneath the cooking dish. But in some models, the racks must be removed before you can use the oven for small tasks like heating coffee kept in a coffee mug.

  • Shortcut Keys

These work best for amateurs as they take the guesswork out of cooking popular foods like popcorn and frozen vegetables, and some models have shortcuts for oatmeal, pasta, stew, and grits.

  • Convection Cooking, Grilling, and Browning

These features offer the appeal of a second oven in your kitchen.

So with these desired features to guide you, explore the widest range of microwave ovens online at LG brand store and buy LG microwave ovens online to bring home your favourite kitchen partner.


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