Bring Home the Ultimate LED TV Viewing Experience with LG India

Finding the perfect TV for your home is like bringing alive all the entertainment under one roof. To make your search an enjoyable experience free from struggles with the technology technicalities, we bring a guide for you to assess the overview of the main TV features to consider.




  • LED TVs

LED TVs are most popular today, given their excellent picture quality and superior display even in low lighting (which gets optimized in well-lit rooms). Being extremely thin shaped and most elegantly designed, LED TVs are a designer addition to any home décor. Being part of the LCD family, LED TVs provide advanced edge lighting or back lighting.

  • TV Size

This majorly depends on the size of your room. Some other factors are – the viewing distance and the overall viewing experience you want to create. More than the type of the TV, the size of the TV also makes a huge difference to the overall impact you desire from the TV viewing experience. As an important observation, larger screens today take much lesser space than expected. The reason is that the size of the outside edge around the screen is becoming thinner these days.

  • Hertz Measurements

To cut it short – the higher the hertz, the better the picture quality. A TV with a 240Hz (hertz) refresh rate will completely rebuild its picture 240 times in one second. To understand this better, the more frequently the screen is refreshed, the smoother is the image output. But hertz or refresh rate isn’t the only determining factor to assess how smooth is fast motion display.

LG India offers best LED TVs in India with breathtaking picture and sound quality, stylish and sleek designs to complement your décor and durability like none other. So bring home the new entertainment source and experience the next level TV viewing.


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