Give Your Clothes the Washing Care They Deserve with Direct Drive Technology

Washing machine technology is evolving fast to give your smooth and efficient washing performance. What is the importance and benefit of these latest developments becomes clear when clothes come out of the washing machines good as new every time, without letting the detergent damage accumulate on your precious clothes.

washing machine

The latest addition to washing machine technology is – direct drive washing machines and belt drive washing machines – pertaining to the type of motor they run on. Let us take a look at the both from a comparative point of view.

Direct drive washing machines operate on a synchronous motor operating at a 3 phase variable speed. A tub is directly connected to the operating motor, thus greatly minimising the number of machine parts that tend to wear out in the long run.

As an important observation, LG India was the first to enter the direct drive washing machine technology market in the US in 1998.

The traditional belt and pulley washing mechanism uses equal amount of energy, irrespective of the laundry load in the tub, to spin the tub and the agitator. But in LG’s direct drive washing machines, the motor is variably controlled by the inverter, thereby assessing the weight of the laundry load and auto adjusting the power output. This makes direct drive washing machines highly user-friendly and adaptable to varying washing requirements.

Due to the calculated spinning and rotation of clothes, fabrics don’t get entangled during wash. The wash drum rotates back and forth, not like an agitator that focuses on clothes closer to the agitator only.

Opt for LG India’s premium direct drive washing machines and experience next level of laundry washing even in the comfort of your home, without any complex operations.


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