Samsung S7 vs LG G5: The Battle

Samsung S7 Edge, LG G5 and the unending arena of smartphones from top notch mobile companies have kept the pulses racing for the mobile aficionados. Bringing a twist to the market this year we have two of the biggest contender face to face. The edge designed Samsung S7 and now the modular LG G5 smart phone. If you’re thinking only the design is what sets these flagship phones apart, wait till you read more. The design is just the beginning! While some phone were thinking what a phone can do, LG G5 has already aced it.


Galaxy S7 Vs Lg G5

LG brings panache, elegance and functionality all together in its flagship device, LG G5 modular phone. Samsung S7 edge being uni-body boasts of being a water resistant, however here’s the catch it doesn’t come with a removable battery unlike the G5. The G5 lets you switch batteries in a single touch and that means your phone can go from 0 to 100 within secs. Another striking comparison is that G5 supports quick charge 3.0 while S7 is still stuck onto quick charge 2.0.

LG G5 Smartphone

Yes, the winning streak for LG G5 against Samsung S7 doesn’t end here. LG G5 comes with a powerful dual camera that offers the widest 135 degree angle till now with its 16 MP camera whereas S7 still comes with a single narrow angled 12 MP camera. What makes LG G5 the star of the show is its coolest range of modules from Cam Plus to Sound module, name it and it has it all. No we are not talking about accessories! In addition to enhanced performance these modules also increase the battery performance considerably. It’s new and it’s the future of the mobile industry.


LG G5 Modular Smartphone

Samsung S7 it’s time to gear up and innovate a phone that can actually compete with LG G5. As of now LG G5 has won the battle, maybe we can expect a better innovation from Samsung in its next Samsung S8 mobile phone. Till then, LG G5 is here to rule.


LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7


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