Advance To The Next Level Surveillance with LG’s High Precision IP CCTV Cameras

Internet Protocol CCTV cameras (or IP CCTV cameras) as they are more popularly known are an advanced version of regular surveillance cameras. These are digital video cameras used for surveillance with an added advantage of being able to send and receive information via a network and internet. Although this may sound similar to the features possessed by a webcam, what is important to know is that a webcam cannot be linked to other cameras and monitors for surveillance purposes.

The difference? Well, unlike an analog CCTV camera, IP CCTV camera can facilitate real time exchange of footage through computer network using the internet.


IP CCTV cameras are of two types – centralized and decentralized – categorized on the basis of their operating systems. Centralised IP CCTV cameras require a Network Video Recorder (NVR) to record video in a digital format to a hard drive, flash drive, or other storage devices. NVR is absent in Decentralised IP CCTV cameras as they are already equipped with built-in recorder to directly record on the digital storage media.

Remote viewing is another unique feature offered by IP CCTV cameras, in addition to all other functions of analog CCTV cameras. These are highly flexible devices and can be installed in home or office as per requirements. Use it to monitor daily environment around your house or install it to maintain an eye over highly sensitive business transactions or meetings, IP CCTV cameras can be easily connected to an existing network. The images become digitized and hence offer convenient review, transfer and exchanged with even the minutest details being captured and projected.


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