Know What’s Trending In Your Favourite Android Mobile

You have been using them for years now and may have even started taking them for granted – don’t think too much, we are talking about your Android mobiles. The ‘smart’ phone has done a lot for you, maybe more than what you think it has. ‘Smart’ means GPS, touchscreens, voice controls, web browsing and acting as your real life assistant for effective every day management.

Some top rated features of latest Android mobiles online make them a favourite for one and all; to an extent even those who have been using phones with other operating systems.


Quick Charge

Smartphones are infamous for being power hungry. But with fast-charging innovations, you can charge almost 50% of your smartphone battery in just 30 minutes. This is especially useful if you are somewhere far and your phone is about to die, reviving it quickly with fast charging.

Monitor Your Heart Rate

Especially useful for the fitness freaks who want to keep track of their efforts, and see how their heart is coping with all the workout. It is good knowledge to know that activities which used to accelerate your heart rate easily now keep it steady with continuous practice.

Remote Controls

Smartphones have become so smart that they even control other devices. Android Device Manager – which lets you remotely lock, ring and track your device. The 5.1 Lollipop update brings a full-on kill switch implementation.

Knock On and Motion Launch

Your screen is off, how can you carry out mobile functions? Worrying about such minor issues is a thing of past now. On the LG G3, for example, tapping twice on the turned-off display will activate it – no need to press any buttons. Knock On also works in reverse: double tap the home screen and the display turns off again.

With the above mentioned unique features along with many other, LG latest android mobiles online have transformed the mobile market to a great extent and made them even more user friendly.


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