Know Your UHD TV Before You Buy It Online

UHD TV’s were introduced in August 2012 by the Consumer Electronics Association. These TV’s are also defined as resolutions of “at least 3,840×2,160 pixels”. The Tv’s came into the picture with the purpose to replace the term 4K. UHD’s are also another word for 4K.

What is a UHD TV?

Ultra-high-definition television is a digital television display format. In this, the horizontal screen resolution is in the order of 4000 pixels or 8000 pixels. UHD is known for its higher resolutions and more realistic color & higher frame rates than HDTV.


Reasons to Buy UHD TV Online

  • You get detailed pictures: The first great thing about 4K or UHD TV’s is that their pictures have more detail and sharpness.  Their 3840×2160 pixel equate to four times the resolution of the full HD pictures.
  • You get an improved image depth: Yes, it is the other pro of these TV’s. UHD’s extra pixels make pictures look deeper.
  • Great colour: UHD’s pixels help pictures render colour blends with more subtlety. It makes you live in the moment by giving real life experiences
  • Buy it for cinematic experience: The extra resolution in 4K images retain the picture’s quality better on bigger screens.  4K can provide a pristine picture that fills more of your field of view
  • Easy on pocket: UHD TV’s are not much expensive also. A plethora of choices are available to you at affordable prices.


At last, I will recommend you to buy UHD TV online from LG as LG is a reputed brand. LG UHD TV’s specially designed IPS 4K Panel delivers true colors from wide viewing angles.


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