With Fully Automatic Washing Machines, Laundry Will Never Seem Like A Load Now

While we struggle and slog every day to keep pace with the fast running life, technology has eased out the major challenges which otherwise would have made it absolutely impossible to survive in today’s fast paced world.

This leads me to wonder what would have happened if technology had not introduced the lifesaving washing machines. While we always tend to take things for granted after getting used to the convenience it offers, we can’t disagree that washing machines have been a blessing for all homemakers, especially working women. It’s our modern lifestyle which provokes you to buy a fully automatic washing machine online, projecting it as the basic necessity of your routine household chores. You can’t think of spending long hours in washing clothes, if you are working professional or a student who moved far from home for studies.

Drastically reducing your burden of washing laundry, fully automatic washing machines serve as your perfect household partner. They not only keep your garments good as new and increase their life longevity but also save you the trouble of brushing your clothes till they look worn out. Whether you are going to buy a fully automatic washing machine online for your own convenience, or for making the life of elders in your family easier or may be for your child living far away from home, it is imperative to determine which washing machine suits your needs best. Let me guide you on this by listing the complete facts and features of different kinds of washing machines.


Top Loading Washing Machines

These machines are one of the oldest. They consist of a vertically positioned tub, an inbuilt agitator and a drainer.


  • It doesn’t require you to kneel or bend down. This makes it beneficial for older people.
  • Cheaper than front loading washing machines.
  • Any sort of detergent can be used in them.

Front Loading Machines

These machines consist of a horizontally placed tub. Unlike a top-loader, a front-loader doesn’t require as much water, and is more efficient.


  • Energy efficient.
  • Uses gravity while rotating and spinning the clothes.
  • Requires 1/3rd the quantity of water as compared to the traditional top loader. Moreover, it sprays clean water on the laundry as the tub continues to spin.
  • It has a faster mechanism of up to 1000 rpm.

Whatever decision you make, just make sure you seal the deal from LG Online Brand Store. It will prove to be very beneficial for you as you can compare hundreds and thousands of LG’s world class products and make a wise choice.

LG is serving best in the industry. It features cutting-edge washing machine technology, a choice of attractive colours, as well as sleek, modern designs which not only make your clothes look best but also your home.


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