Think Before You Drink: Water Purifiers To Your Rescue

Pure water still remains out of reach for a majority of Indian population and for this reason they are forced to depend on untreated water sources with high content of fluoride, selenium, arsenic, chloride, nitrate etc., rendering it totally unsafe.




It is for this reason that water purification using relevant technology has become such an important necessity today. And what better way to purify water than the Reverse Osmosis technology? The RO technology as it is more popularly known uses a porous covering which blocks all the harmful chemicals and solute on one side and lets the purified water pass out from the other side.

But just as with any other purchase, buying a RO water purifier too involves researching enough to make an informed choice.

  • You must always opt for the latest RO purification technology that gives you the purest water.
  • The RO must not only offer purified water but the storage tank too should have a protective layer for safe water storage.
  • The internal mechanism and parts that constantly come in contact with water and are responsible for purifying it must be made of good quality to ensure the water doesn’t get contaminated.
  • Some RO purifiers have specially-designed mineral cartridge, which helps water regain essential minerals, at the same time stay free from microbes. The mineral cartridges are composed of various mineralizing balls which help to improve the water quality for better body metabolism.


All this and much more is guaranteed when you buy RO water purifiers from LG India. Being the most trusted and consumer focused brand, LG India is committed to make life good for everyone.


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