Know Why 4G Mobile Phones Are The Latest Fad

Extending the family of super-fast connectivity, 4G is the new addition to the generation of mobile networks, leaving behind the much sought after 3G technologies. Tapping the consumers’ unending need for fast and efficient internet connectivity, 4G is five times faster than the existing 3G services.


4G mobile phones online are leading the newly launched innovation as the previously 3G enabled phones cannot be upgraded to this latest advancement. The 4G technology can be categorized into a supporting technology called Long Term Evolution or LTE as it is being commonly used these days.

Just like any innovation, the telecom market giants are leaping over one another to tap the potential demand for 4G technology and exploit it to their advantage. Through tempting gimmicks, companies are pushing each other to acquire their own space and customer share in the market which is nothing less than a battlefield right now. While mobile companies are offering heavy discounts on the devices, telecom operators are wooing consumers through attractive and high speed internet plans.

Understanding 4G mobile phones

So what is so great about your decision to buy 4G mobile phones online for it to receive a much hyped launch? If you are wondering what difference will it make to your life and why you should think about replacing your loyal handset that modestly served you with the best service until 4G came, first get to know what this new swag is all about.

  • The reason why a new handset is required to use 4G networks is because these run on different frequencies to transmit data than 3G. Only 4G smartphones which have a modem that supports these new frequencies will enable 4G connectivity.
  • The lightning fast speed of 4G is attributed to the new Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM). Cutting short, it is the same technology used in Wi-Fi, ADSL broadband, digital TV and radio.
  • OFDM helps squeeze more data onto the same amount of radio frequency. Data is split up and sent via small chunks of frequency in parallel, increasing the capacity of the network and reducing latency and interference.
  • Boasting of the much discussed higher speed connectivity than 3G, 4G’s proclaimed download speed is 100Mbps and a blistering 50Mbps for upload.

LG’s 4G mobile phones online are here to provide you the most seamless, unwavering 4G LTE connectivity allowing you to download, browse, and stream at lightning-fast speeds. Buy 4G mobile phones online from the leading LG online brand store.


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