A Complete Home Entertainment Device

A leisurely TV watching session is no longer an everyday family activity but has progressed to a completely new level of experience. The progress in the technology of the home entertainment devices has been significant and one can now enjoy a premium movie-theater experience by just turning on the TV. There is no dearth of televisions in the market, to say the least, and going out in the pursuit of a new led TV is a challenging task to say the least.  Let us look at some features of LG LED TV that might be helpful in making this decision a little less intimidating.

full HD led
Full HD LED TV India
  • Design/Display: The LG LED TV comes in an array of sleek and striking designs. They come with Triple-XD Engine feature that provides crystal-clear visuals and the most intense and life-like colors providing an overall delightful experience.
  • Indian climate: The LG LED TV comes with several features like Lightening Protection, Summer Heat & Humidity Protection, etc. which are perfect for the Indian weather. These features make these televisions a good fit for every family.
  • Special feature: Some of the LG LED TVs come with Mosquito Away feature which a revolutionary technology that uses distinctive sound waves to help keep mosquitoes far away. Intelligent features like this are very useful in India, where mosquitoes are a bother all year.
  • Regional Language: In a country like India, the option for regional language in one’s televisions is a very useful feature. Now everyone can enjoy their favourite channels in the language they want. This blurs the regional lines within the country and everyone can enjoy what they like.
  • Gaming: LG LED TV also comes with some in-built games which are convenient for the kids in the family. This feature helps the entire family experience the benefits of the television and makes it a complete home entertainment device.

LG has a range of different LED TVs which are perfect family entertainment devices for India. It comes with a stunning sleek body, packed with special features customized for Indian buyers, and gives one a total family experience.


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