Not Just a Washing Machine

In this modern era, we all know how tedious and strenuous it can be when it comes to manual laundry. The different stages of laundry need lots of speculation and labour, in order to protect the fabric and quality of clothes. If we have to do every part of the laundry manually, the first thing to be done is the separation of the white clothes from the colored ones to save the white clothes from bleeding colours of the other coloured clothes. Then, the clothes need to be soaked and washed differently. Again, washing clothes needs great manual labour, as we have to clean the stains with brush, followed by rinsing and drying. All these processes can take a toll on anyone  who does it.


Introducing, a new generation machine by LG which solves all the above stated problems at ease, with its groundbreaking latest technology. Now there is no need to separate the whites from the coloured clothes, or brush, or rinse, or spin. The latest invention of dual load washing machines by LG takes care of all the chaos with the next level expertise. Here, two separate loads can be washed at the same time which reduces all the manual laundry labour to zero. Some of the unique features of this machine are-

  • LG introduces the bold dual load machine which can handle two loads at the same time. The main washer handles clothes in bulk while the mini washer can handle delicate and detailed clothes.
  • It is greatly space saving, as the second or mini washer serves as a pedestal for the main washer, when not in use
  • LG dual load washing machine is efficiently designed with conveniently aligned door and drum’s center, to lessen bending of the body while putting clothes in and out.
  • The dual load washing machine uses twin nozzles to reduce washing time effectively, known as TurboWash.
  • It also uses TurboSteam, which reduces wrinkle of clothes and removes odour powerfully.
  • This smart washing machine uses WiFi to monitor status of the washing cycle via mobile app.

All these next generation technology takes the all new LG dual load washing machine to a different level. And thus, it is the best available model one can get while thinking about buying a new washing machine.


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