Stay Clean with LG Washing Machine India

There were times when we either did not use a washing machine or very few households had them. In today’s times if you do not have a washing machine at home, your home is incomplete. With so many options available in the market you can choose what suits your style, space and utility the best. Let’s discuss some of the features and benefits of this modern time necessity.

  • Capacity:- A simple but important aspect to cover is the capacity of a washing machine. The more capacity it has the less frequently you wash which further reduces your bill. The capacity of the machine is chosen by the size of your family. Ranging from 5kgs to 12kgs you can choose what suits you best.
  • Spin Speed:- Spin speed of the washing machine ranges from 1000 to 1500 revolutions per minute. Faster spin speeds pulls out more moisture from clothes that come out dryer.
  • Latest Technology:- Latest technologies in machines now take care of each garment and is also energy efficient making your home calm and peaceful.
  • Noise Level:- If you prefer to wash clothes during the night or you have small children at home you should choose a washing machine that makes less noise and keeps worries at bay.
  • Quick Wash:- If you have lesser time and have fewer clothes to clean then you should choose washing machines that are equipped with quick wash function.
  • Energy Rating:- An energy saving appliance not just cuts bills but is also environment friendly. Before deciding on the washing machine you should go for some technical information so that you know how much electricity will be consumed.
  • Reliability:- This important appliance undergoes rigorous testing before it actually comes in the market. You get 5-years warranty which covers the standard mechanical breakdown.

Keeping all the features in mind you can choose from the range of washing machines available in the market. LG washing machine India has worked hard to make your home become a special space with its variety and features at your service.


Now Don’t Let Summer Take You Down

India summers can give anyone a nightmare easily. The scorching sun with unbelievable humidity is the true picture of India n summers. The only reason that keeps one’s mind and body in control from going insane is an Air Conditioner. It is the boon to a hot summer day. While talking about ACs, the two types of AC that comes to mind is a split AC and a window AC. There has always been many debates on which is better, but my vote goes to a split AC because of it advantages and benefits over a window AC. Some of the benefits of using a split AC are as follows-


  1. Long Term Expense– The long term expense of a split AC is much lower than that of a window AC. It is more durable and reliable in terms of maintenance.
  2. Installation– The installation of a split AC is much easier than a window Ac as you don’t have to break the wall just to fit in an AC.
  3. Cooling– The cooling of split AC is much stronger than a window AC. It cools the entire house and not just a room like a window AC.
  4. Lower Energy Consumption– Due to the lesser consumption of electricity, the energy consumption bills of a split AC are also lesser than the consumption bill of a window AC. This reflects the lower energy consumption of a split AC.
  5. Maintenance– The winter maintenance of a window AC is very problematic. One cannot use the AC straightaway for summer without getting the required servicing done in winters, whereas in the case of a split AC, there is no question of winter maintenance.

Thus, we have seen how a split AC can any day be a better AC than a window AC. Thus, with all the advantages of buying a split AC over a window AC, it is wise to choose from the wide range of split AC from LG India.

Choose The Best Refrigerator For Your Kitchen

A modern home today is incomplete without a refrigerator. It is an urban necessity of modern living. With the temperatures rising and the unpredictable climate refrigerators keep your food hygienic and fresh for later use.  Apart from fulfilling the basic needs, it also adds style to your space.

  • Earlier Times:- When we did not have a refrigerator food was preserved using salt. It was the most common way to keep meat or fish fresh with its quality for killing bacteria. Vegetables were well kept using dry salt. It was the main ingredient used for preservation but along with it there were few other methods like drying and smoking. Thankfully our skilled craftsmen made the refrigerator that is definitely the most important part of our lives. Let’s discuss some of the features of a refrigerator with a single door.


  • Compact look:- If you have a family of two or three people then a small size compact refrigerator would be enough for you. The market today is full with a wide variety of refrigerators to choose from.
  • Designs:- A single door refrigerator today comes with many options according to their capacity and size. They look beautiful with their floral designs and variety of colors to choose from.
  • Glass shelves:- As per the test standards done by all brands the shelves made with toughened glass can tolerate heavy dishes as well. These shelves can also be adjusted according to the need.
  • Energy efficient:- The refrigerators today have become quite energy efficient. If you buy a five star rating fridge you can save upto Rs. 3240/- .
  • Fast Ice Making:- There are variety of refrigerators that keep your party going with its unique feature of keeping the ice ready at all times without putting extra load on the compressor. Thus you can keep your loved ones surprised and happy.
  • Capacity :- These refrigerators have a capacity from 185 litres-270Litres making every day special and not a single dish getting wasted.

With all the features to choose from, you can buy without any confusion and decorate your kitchen with the refrigerator you like. The Single Door Refrigerator is going to keep your food preserved and your mood refreshed with its variety in combination with affordability.

Choose The Best Water Purifier in India

Just like it is difficult to find unadulterated food items in today’s time, similarly it’s difficult to find pure water to drink. You cannot just rely on tap water or just another water filter. Surely a water purifier becomes an important household appliance to keep. The water that you get from your tap may be hard water or even muddy or it may look clean but may have harmful bacteria that you are unable to see with the naked eye. So how do choose the best water purifier for your family. Let’s discuss some of the water purifiers and their features.


Types of purifiers

Every day with new technology the water purifiers are also getting advanced. There are various kinds of water purifiers in the market today- Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet, Gravity Based Water Purifiers, RO +UV and Ultra purification.


Many of the water purifiers today come with a tank where all the filtered water is stored. For a small family, 5 to 7 litres of water storing capacity of a water purifier would be enough. But you can choose a 10 litres capacity purifier if you have a medium to large family. Most of them automatically start the process of filtering water once the tank empties.

Electric or non-electric

If electricity is a problem that you are unable to solve at your end then you have a choice of selecting either electric or non-electric water purifiers. All the non-electric water purifiers like the Gravity based ones are less efficient than the electric purifiers. But you can buy an Ultra filtration water purifier which works without electricity and runs on less maintenance cost.


Every appliance requires maintenance either low or high in cost accordingly. Almost all the UV and RO water purifiers have alarms set on them that notify you whether there would be a filter change or bulb change. If you do not pay attention to the alarms they stop functioning. Therefore there maintenance is an important aspect and this safety mechanism keeps the water purifier safe for you at all times.

All the points are important to keep in mind before you buy a water purifier. LG provides you with the Best Water Purifier in India with its range and wide variety to choose from. The complete care you will get from their range would keep you healthy and hydrated for the entire day.