Now Don’t Let Summer Take You Down

India summers can give anyone a nightmare easily. The scorching sun with unbelievable humidity is the true picture of India n summers. The only reason that keeps one’s mind and body in control from going insane is an Air Conditioner. It is the boon to a hot summer day. While talking about ACs, the two types of AC that comes to mind is a split AC and a window AC. There has always been many debates on which is better, but my vote goes to a split AC because of it advantages and benefits over a window AC. Some of the benefits of using a split AC are as follows-


  1. Long Term Expense– The long term expense of a split AC is much lower than that of a window AC. It is more durable and reliable in terms of maintenance.
  2. Installation– The installation of a split AC is much easier than a window Ac as you don’t have to break the wall just to fit in an AC.
  3. Cooling– The cooling of split AC is much stronger than a window AC. It cools the entire house and not just a room like a window AC.
  4. Lower Energy Consumption– Due to the lesser consumption of electricity, the energy consumption bills of a split AC are also lesser than the consumption bill of a window AC. This reflects the lower energy consumption of a split AC.
  5. Maintenance– The winter maintenance of a window AC is very problematic. One cannot use the AC straightaway for summer without getting the required servicing done in winters, whereas in the case of a split AC, there is no question of winter maintenance.

Thus, we have seen how a split AC can any day be a better AC than a window AC. Thus, with all the advantages of buying a split AC over a window AC, it is wise to choose from the wide range of split AC from LG India.


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