Television-The Ultimate Source Of Recreation

A television in olden times was a luxury that very few people could afford. The time changed and the black and whites were replaced by colored TVs. In the same way the LCDs are being replaced by LEDs. Now with the technological advancement, the LG OLED 4K TV has made its mark by its sharp colours and smart features!


Advantages of OLED TVs

OLED TV or Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs are the slimmest TVs that are introduced. The technology makes it slimmer than any Plasma or LCD TV. There are many advantages of buying an OLED TV. Firstly, its slimmer and thus are also lighter than any other TV as it does not have a backlight. Therefore they look smarter than others. They give out the best picture quality, have wide view and its bright colors make it stand apart.

Types of OLED TVs

  • Curved OLED TVs- They are the first Oled TVs launched in the UK. These OLed TVs had a wide view and gave a life like experience in viewing. But they could not be wall mounted because of their curved shape.
  • Flexible OLED TVs- These flexible TVs are actually bendable and like wallpaper they can stick to your walls with magnets! Being 0.5 mm thick and 12kgs in weight, it’s definitely a marvel and shows how technology has developed.
  • 4K HDR OLED TVs- These are OLED TVs that have an added feature which is High Definition Resolution that brings advanced picture quality to your viewing experience.

Televisions are a part of our lives and we cannot resist not having one at home. Whenever we are bored we just switch on the TV and it becomes our partner for all the emotions. With the advancement in technology, the LG OLED 4K TV brings all the features and the right looks to make your world of entertainment an enriching and fulfilling experience.


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