HS Ad India Creates A Nostalgic Treat To Celebrate LG’s 20th Anniversary in India.

On the occasion of completing 20 years in India, LG Electronics is reaching out to consumers through various platforms with its ‘Celebrating Togetherness’ campaign; inviting them to be a part of the celebrations. India has progressed a lot in these 20 years and LG products have been part of their every day lives.

Bringing alive this 20 year journey, HS Ad has conceptualized the plot revolving around a single mother and her daughter, where the mother is seen going through her struggles of life to fulfill her daughter’s dream of meeting her dad and inspiring her to achieve her goal. The song in the film, “Ghar ke kuch samaan nahi, yeh rishton ki punji hai” shows how close the brand is to the audience’s heart.

Mr. Amit Gujral, Head Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics India says, ‘’LG’s 20-year long presence in India has been remarkable. To celebrate the occasion, my brief to the agency was very simple, Capture this relationship of Life’s Good – our brand essence, through the real life experiences of Indian consumers. Our belief of Ghar-Ghar LG should come alive as we are a part of almost every Indian house hold’s lifestyle.

Agency stayed away from the typical TVC format and stayed close to the brief – 20 years of progression in India’s life. Incidentally 20 years back, an Indian woman achieved her dream of flying into the space. Taking the thread from there, agency weaved in the story of a mother daughter relationship, their dream, their struggle and finally the success of achieving the dreams.

Team lead by Ambar Sharan Lal, Servicing Head & Rakesh Kumar, Sr. Creative Director, with supervision of Rajat Mukherjee, NCD pulled off a very engaging plot, aptly supported by beautiful song bringing alive India, Indianess (even a TV sent for repair is missed by family member) and the wonderful story telling amid an emotional high. The song is sung by Papon and composed by Shamir Tandon.

The Video is available at : http://bit.ly/LG_AstronautFilm

Mr. Nitin Makdani, Business Head sums up: Team has created a magical journey capturing the very India essence in a flawless execution, with full support of client. It is a departure from works done by LG in the past, something that will set new standard in advertising.


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