Elevate The Experience of Refrigerators With All New Door in Door Feature

With the regular escalating technology, refrigerators have been yearly modelized and transformed to ease the lives of many. The newly launched product in the market boast of features never experienced before. With more efficiency, hygienic, and technically advanced features, new door in door refrigerator has dynamically turned the essence into innovative means.

The features that make it stand out of the conventional refrigerators are:


  1. Door in door facility: With manifold advantages, door in door feature provides easy access to one’s favorite beverages and frequently accessed foods. Divided in multi-compartments, the loss of heat is a thing of past now, cold air stops flow out of doors, and the cut in wastage of cold air improves. It maintains optimal temperature all through the body and even cooling supports longer freshness of foods.
  2. Energy efficient and silent: Unlike the old refrigerators where entire door needed to open to yield a single product, above feature has dominated improving energy efficiency with a whopping 32% rise in saving electricity bill. The alterations in the function of compressor led 25% decrease in noise, and thus the humming sound of the refrigerators – music you no longer need to feed your ears.
  3. Hygiene fresh: The new antibacterial deodorization eliminates maximum of bacteria and bad odors that affect the longer sustainability of food health. Equipped with advanced means to battle the agents that abrupt the longer food protection, it uses the five-step method to decompose the odor inductive substances by dual photocatalyst and UV LED mechanism.
  4. Multi-Digital Sensors: The advanced monitoring of both internal and external temperature helps balance even temperature all across the body. The temperature consistency improves functioning of the refrigerator bringing it to new era of experience.
  5. Smart diagnosis system: Long life expectancy is what amuse the customer in investment without further services, and it gets fulfilled here. Installed with self-diagnosis system – makes it smart and user-friendly. The problems easily get fixed with the advanced features built in.

The browsing appears an endless journey until the name LG comes in light. The brand has evolved all the techniques to make this experience of door in door feature next to no one.


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