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Get a cinema experience at home with new smart TVs, which runs on WebOS with Intel WiDi technology enables connection between TVs and Laptop PCs without any networking.

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The Wait for the Best is Over!

VoLTE stands for voice over LTE, and it’s more or less exactly what it says on the wrapper. It’s voice calls over a 4G LTE network, rather than the 2G or 3G connections which are usually used. We tend to think of 4G as mostly being about downloading, streaming and web browsing, and indeed that’s primarily what it’s been used for so far, but it can also be used to improve calls.

There are certain advantages of VoLTE enabled smartphones:


  1. Packet Switched Voice:- Unlike 2G and 3G networks, where the voice is over circuits, Voice over LTE works on the packet switched network. Hence, all the technological advancements around IP QoS and moving forward towards SDN (Software Defined Networking) become a natural fit. Hence, while implementing VoLTE, we make sure that VoLTE quality of service classes have a direct mapping to IP DSCP QoS classes.
  2. HD Voice:- Voice over LTE mandates the use of HD Voice codecs such as AMR Wideband. This gives an enhanced voice quality experience which is not available in circuit-switched networks. With the evolution of standards, more advanced and adaptive bit rate codecs such as EVS have come into being for VoLTE services.
  3. More Capacity with good quality:- With VoLTE, operators can strike the right balance of providing higher Voice capabilities in their RF networks using IP based voice, while still guaranteeing the quality of service.
  4. Video Calling:- Voice over LTE also supports native video calling. Video services use the HD video codec called H.264. Hence, there is an opportunity for operators to offer innovative video services on their packet networks.
  5. Faster call setup time:- Call setup time is very less, i.e. you will not hear a beep-beep sound while your call connects, but this is only if both the user have access to VoLTE on both the sides of the call.

LG has introduced VoLTE enabled smartphones in India for its users. In theory, most existing 4G phones are VoLTE enabled smart phones, but some may encounter problems, and as they all require a tailored software update it’s dependent on each network to roll one out, so if you don’t have a new and modern phone then you may be left waiting indefinitely.

Elevate Your Entertainment Experience!

The life in the city is intense and tiring, and it takes all the juice and interest out of your mind. All one needs is a source of mindless entertainment at the end of the day to help us relax and reboot. There are various means of entertainment, like books, movies and music. Watching a nice movie at the end of the day can wipe away any residual tiredness. There are many wireless home theatres available in the market and investing in a wireless home theatre can do wonders to your home entertainment system. Home theatres can elevate any movie-watching experience to the next level. Let us go through some of the reasons why home theatre can enhance any situation.


  1. Quite time: Watch a movie in a movie theatre can be too loud with people bustling around, laughing or coughing. However, watching a movie at home gives one the perfect atmosphere, with no distractions and to stop you from watching the films and TV in peace.
  2. Remote Control: Watching a movie in the theatre is out of our control, however, at home, one can quickly pause or forward as per their liking so that one can pause and take care of any other priorities and come back to the movie as and when it is feasible.
  3. Convenience: One can now watch a movie without having to wait in long queues or spend a huge sum of money. Now ‘movie time’ will as per your convenience and just a click away.
  4. Sound: The sound of a home theatre is a fascinating part of it as it is truly impactful and brings out the ‘movie-theatre’ feels and gives one the authentic experience.

A home theatre system not only levitates the décor and design of a house, but it helps to save one a ton of money which would have been wasted on movie theatres. By getting the best-suited home theatre, one can get out of the world experience of watching TV. Although there are several brands which have come up with the best quality home theatres, LG still manages to display extreme expertise in the market and deliver the best options. LG is an oft-repeated name in many Indian households and have managed to hold its structure due to its functionality and fresh designs.

Immerse The Gamer In You

A gaming system is not complete without a gaming monitor. There are a lot of legitimate reasons for the existence of gaming monitors. Most gamers tend to play in the dark or at least in low light conditions, with the monitor being the only source of light. This makes gamers more prone to computer vision syndrome than others, and thankfully, some brands are taking steps to help.

Higher Refresh Rates:- Refresh rates are explained as to how often a monitor displays a new picture on the screen per second; usually described by Hertz (Hz). The greater the refresh rate, the more frames the panel is able of displaying, resulting in smoother visuals. A gaming monitor is designed to handle much higher refresh rates.


Low Response Times:- A monitor’s response time is necessary for some forms of gaming. A monitor’s response time is estimated at the time, in milliseconds, for a pixel to switch from fully active, to fully inactive, and following back to active again. A gaming monitor with a little response period is capable of showing your actions about in real time, thus allowing you to react to in-game actions more swiftly.

Anti-Tearing Technology:- Screen tearing is a visual artefact that occurs when the monitor’s refresh speed is not in sync with the video feed to the game. In remedy to this, companies have come up with various anti-tearing technologies like AMD FreeSync, Adaptive Sync, and Nvidia G-Sync developed into a gaming monitor.

Quality Colour And Black Levels:- Colours play a huge factor as it helps set the mood and enhance the immersive quality of the monitors; this applies more to single-player games than the competitive ones. Some online games look fantastic on monitors that can fully capture the inky blackness of space.

Improved Positioning:- Ergonomics is not often spoken about, but it matters. Gaming monitors in contemporary times have a wider range of motion than old monitors, often allowing for actions in up to four axes. This delivers gamers full flexibility to find the most suitable position to match their gaming choice.

Prevention of “Computer Vision Syndrome”:- As our stories are increasingly spent in front of a computer or phone display, the emergence of “computer vision syndrome” has grown more prevalent.It is a collection of health issues created by prolonged exposure of digital display. These include eye strain, headaches, weakness, as well as red or burning feelings in the eyes.

Finally, the mixture of better ergonomics and eye care technologies in gaming monitors make them worthy purchases not just for gamers, but for anyone who consumes plenty of time in front of a PC. LG has the best in the market gaming monitors in India which are equipped with all the above-mentioned cutting edge technology. A gaming monitor with huge refresh rates and low response times enhance the game play experience and give a competitive advantage in some situations. Anti-tearing technology causes visuals on a gaming monitor more uniform, while excellent colour reproduction improves not only games but everything else as well.

The Revolution of Refrigerator is Here

Traditional freezers encounter frost buildup because the water vapours that develop around the coils turn into liquid and immediately freeze. Frost free refrigerator models stop this by automatically defrosting the storage on a regular basis. Built-in timing mechanisms seal off the cold air compressor and turn on a tiny heater to melt the ice crystals. Once free of frost, the freezer turns off the heater so the cold atmosphere can keep your food items stored at a safe temperature. The benefits of using a frost free refrigerator are as follows:


  • Low Maintenance:- The primary advantage of having a frost-free freezer is you won’t need to defrost the unit, which saves you time and physical effort. With a frost-free model, one just needs to wipe out the storage area about once a year, cleaning it down with a solution of 1 tablespoon baking soda for each quart of warm water to get rid of spillage and any odours.
  • No Frost Damage:- Frost free refrigerator models prevent ice crystals from developing on any surface inside of the storage area; frost can’t form on your stored food. Wrapping up items in polyethene bags, plastic-coated freezer paper or heavy-duty aluminium foil further protects your food from cold damage. The lack of frost buildup on food packages also means that the labels should remain legible and the packages themselves won’t stick together.
  • Storage Space:- Frost free refrigerator models use a fan to wave cold air into the food storage compartment. Many overfill their freezers, which means the air can’t circulate between the food contents properly. Carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on food storage to ensure your freezer isn’t overloaded and, consequently, not defrosting properly.

Frost-free freezers were invented to address the problems caused by the thick layers of frost that develop on the inside of traditional freezers. LG has introduced a wide range of frost free refrigerators. These designs work efficiently without needing regular manual defrosting. While frost-free freezers are convenient household appliances, consider the pros and the cons before purchasing one.

Bring New Innovation To Your Kitchen

If your mind has fed up of using same cooking apparatus everyday, the new innovative convection oven could deliver smile on your face because it is embedded with unique features to take your cuisine to a new height. Convection oven is equipped with a fan and exhaust system that assist you quickly and evenly cook your food with energy efficiency that is a bonus point.

To upgrade the cooking system, and step into more scientific way of cuisine, here are some features that will make you fall in love with it.

  1. It cooks quicker: The fan and exhaust system improves spread heat straight on the cooking part than to circulate all around and get wasted. It cooks 25% faster than the conventional ovens.
  2. It cooks balanced: Air circulation caters heat to drop on whole part of stuff kept inside, thus cooking it evenly from all sides.
  3. Dry atmosphere: Exhaust fan eliminates the humidity out of the oven and creates dry atmosphere ideal for all around cooking and better taste.
  4. Saves energy: As the hot air circulates evenly around, it quickly cooks the product without over raising the temperature and thus saving energy and electricity bill.
  5. Dual mode of cooking: It provides both mode of cooking for better and advanced experience. Not all products are feasible to convection mode and these require conventional mode to cook better. E.g.- custards and flans, cakes, breads, etc need old type cooking.

Thus, as we advance further in time, technology embraces new innovation to keep the pace as per our requirement. LG brand produces all type of products to be our best buddy. It’s good to buy convection oven online and try the new experience.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An AC

As the summer approaches, the need to purchase an AC to battle the killing heat knocks first in mind. The previous summer memories refresh in mind when coolers and fans failed to combat high temperature, stealing sleep of many nights. Either design or function failed to impress you buying it. However, with the rapid increase in demand, manufacturers have discovered new types of AC to fulfill your requirement.

Once decided to buy an AC, caterers distract you with different features an AC possess. To meet the requirement, here are some things to keep in mind before buying an AC:

There comes first which AC to buy from the wide variety available in the market: Windows, split, portable or inverter ACs?

  1. Design: Windows AC boxes compressor, motor, connecting pipe and heat exchangers in a single unit. It can be installed in a window avoiding any further difficulty. While split AC incorporates two distinct units: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. It can be mounted on a wall.
  2. Size of the room: Windows AC is perfect for room size less than 300 square feet, while split AC is considered right for small to big sized rooms. Where large tonnage ACs will fail to remove humidity from compartment, small tonnage ACs fail to provide proper cooling and more consumption of electricity.
  3. Noise: Split ACs have a major advantage over windows one in terms of noise pollution. The ODU part of split AC responsible for creating noise is installed outside the room, and IDU part doesn’t create so much noise that you can notice. While in windows AC all the noisy parts are installed in one unit, so it’s not good to buy windows one if you have zero tolerance for noise.
  4. Installation and services: When it comes to machines, they need regular services to stay fit and keep running. But the busy schedule asks less time to spend on services that these machines require. Windows AC needs less care and maintenance in comparison to its counterpart. Along with services, installation is quite is easy of windows AC.
  5. EER: Cooling an AC creates per watt of electricity consumption, star rating marked on ACs symbolize the cooling capacity. More the star rating, more cooling it will produce.
  6. BTU: Various specifications of room such as number of windows, number of electric appliances, size, amount of stuff kept, and walls facing the sun, combine to make  BTU. More BTU means AC will consume more electricity.

Once decided the right AC to stake on, brand comes in light. In comparison to other brands, LG offers wide variety of selections ranging from small tonnage to large tonnage. Customers trust in big brands, and LG stands totally influential in grabbing the opportunity to satisfy their demand.