Control The Temperature And Maintain Your Cool With The Best Air-Conditioner!

After toiling hard for an entire day outside, what is the first thing you come and do at home? Switch on the air conditioner right? And let that cool breeze make up for whatever kind of day you had. There simply exists no comparaison of this feeling. It is as if somebody gave you the control of managing the weather as per your requirement. Make the temperature cooler or hotter or drier whenever you like. The invention of air conditioners have had a profound impact in all of our lives. We have no control over the weather outside but with air conditioners we can atleast make our lives comfortable within our homes and sleep in the cool.

Who does not like a gust of fresh chilled air?

In ancient rome the emperors used to send their slaves to the nearest mountains to gather snow and put around their gardens. Or they simply ordered their slaves to fan them so they could enjoy the cool aloof wind. Even ancient India shares such stories, where the emperors built fountains and pools or used passive air conditioning technologies.

Why we need air- conditioners?

  1. The productivity of people decrease in hot temperature, this is why you will find every office equipped with air-conditioners.
  2. If there is moisture and humidity in the air, the fans fail to provide effective cooling, this is when air-conditioners come in handy.
  3. Many devices like computers need cooling or else they face performance issues. This is why heavy machinery and computers are provided with air-conditioners.
  4. Nobody has control over Earth’s rising temperature due to which heat waves have become very common. Air conditioners can save from these heat waves and have improved the mortality rate.

Therefore if you are somebody buying an air-conditioner for the first time or even the n’th time make sure you compare air conditioners to buy the one that fits your requirements. Your choice should depend on few factors like:

  • The space in your room
  • Your budget
  • Energy efficiency of the machine
  • Brand you trust
  • Material used for the parts of air-conditioner

LG is one such trusted brand, their consistent efforts to introduce and equip new features in their air-conditioners make it one of the bestsellers amongst the crowd. With their new technologies like Mosquito away technology, Monsoon comfort technology, Himalaya cooling, E-saver etc. they constantly try to bring something new to their customers.


Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An AC

As the summer approaches, the need to purchase an AC to battle the killing heat knocks first in mind. The previous summer memories refresh in mind when coolers and fans failed to combat high temperature, stealing sleep of many nights. Either design or function failed to impress you buying it. However, with the rapid increase in demand, manufacturers have discovered new types of AC to fulfill your requirement.

Once decided to buy an AC, caterers distract you with different features an AC possess. To meet the requirement, here are some things to keep in mind before buying an AC:

There comes first which AC to buy from the wide variety available in the market: Windows, split, portable or inverter ACs?

  1. Design: Windows AC boxes compressor, motor, connecting pipe and heat exchangers in a single unit. It can be installed in a window avoiding any further difficulty. While split AC incorporates two distinct units: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. It can be mounted on a wall.
  2. Size of the room: Windows AC is perfect for room size less than 300 square feet, while split AC is considered right for small to big sized rooms. Where large tonnage ACs will fail to remove humidity from compartment, small tonnage ACs fail to provide proper cooling and more consumption of electricity.
  3. Noise: Split ACs have a major advantage over windows one in terms of noise pollution. The ODU part of split AC responsible for creating noise is installed outside the room, and IDU part doesn’t create so much noise that you can notice. While in windows AC all the noisy parts are installed in one unit, so it’s not good to buy windows one if you have zero tolerance for noise.
  4. Installation and services: When it comes to machines, they need regular services to stay fit and keep running. But the busy schedule asks less time to spend on services that these machines require. Windows AC needs less care and maintenance in comparison to its counterpart. Along with services, installation is quite is easy of windows AC.
  5. EER: Cooling an AC creates per watt of electricity consumption, star rating marked on ACs symbolize the cooling capacity. More the star rating, more cooling it will produce.
  6. BTU: Various specifications of room such as number of windows, number of electric appliances, size, amount of stuff kept, and walls facing the sun, combine to make  BTU. More BTU means AC will consume more electricity.

Once decided the right AC to stake on, brand comes in light. In comparison to other brands, LG offers wide variety of selections ranging from small tonnage to large tonnage. Customers trust in big brands, and LG stands totally influential in grabbing the opportunity to satisfy their demand.

Cool Down With The Coolest AC In Town

India is a country with a different terrains spread throughout the country, which results in different climate in different cities. Due, to its erratic weather, with extreme highs and lows, and terrains of different demographics elements, the weather of India can be confusing for many. The summers in India, especially in the northern states, is brutal and it certainly not for the faint hearted. It is almost terrorizing to think of braving those blazing summer days without an air conditioner. There are numerous window air conditioners online which are available for us, with regards to different requirements.  However, it might be confusing to choose one for your home, out of so many options. Let us go through some factors we should keep in mind while searching for a window air conditioner online.

window AC

  • Tonnage: The tonnage of the air conditioner is crucial to consider before buying one. The tonnage generally depends on the size of the room. If the room is small, a low tonnage air conditioner will work satisfactorily. However, if the room is large, a higher tonnage will be required to cool the entire room well.
  • Energy saving: Going for an energy saving version of an appliance is crucial in today’s day and time. It just takes a little thought to take a step towards saving the planet. The difference is price is a small price to pay for the planet we stay in.
  • Usage: The purpose of the buy is equally important because that will inadvertently reflect on what the general usage of the ac will be. If the ac was bought for residential purposes, one can opt for a minimal capacity ac, however, with a commercial purpose, one needs an industrial capacity ac. The number of hours the ac is expected to run is also an important factor.

There are various window ac options available in across various locations in the country. However, one should do proper research before committing to one particular model. One should also be careful while choosing the brand, as it is one the important factors which influences one’s decision. LG Brand Store is a  is an online electronic store which has a wide variety of electronic appliances available in the same platform. They bring the best of design and performance together into our lives and is a trustworthy name in every family. LG prioritises the wellbeing of its customers and providing optimal client satisfaction.

Beat The Summers With The Best Air Conditioners

Air conditioner is a modern day blessing to beat the scorching heat of Indian summers. Air conditioner comes with so many advantages. It boosts one’s energy level and increases work efficiency, as one cannot concentrate while sitting inside a hot room. Hot temperature makes a person easily cranky and weak. In this case, controlling the temperature becomes very essential to regulate work efficiency within a room, and thus air conditioner comes to aid. It also makes one healthy due to clean air regulation, free from dust and germs, inside a closed room. Due to normal working of an air conditioner, all the doors and windows remain closed, which helps to eradicate noise from outside, thus creating a silent and cooler environment. The fresh air coming from an air conditioner is a contemporary day blessing, living in a world filled with ever increasing rate of air pollution.

Buying air conditioner online has become not only convenient but also cost effective. One doesn’t need to go from market to market in search of the best air conditioner. The best air conditioner is just a click away. Buying air conditioner is a boon, as one doesn’t need to carry such a big appliance around, plus it’s cost effective and one can choose the best air conditioner according to his need and requirements. LG introduces its line of air conditioners at a much reduced price online. Now, there is no need to think about the labour price or physical work, because the best air conditioner in the market is just a click away. Some of the basic advantages of buying an air conditioner online are-

  • Cost effective– It helps to save money. Online prices for air conditioner are lot more reduced. The price is different (less) from the market price.
  • Informative– the internet is filled with comparing sites to give one the exact picture of the air conditioners to choose according to the needs and requirements.
  • Customer reviews– it gives one options to browse through unbiased reviews of customers who have used the appliance already.
  • Delivery– one of the biggest challenge while buying an appliance from the market is the delivery of the product, which is taken care of online, without having to worry.

LG, being a promising brand for so much time now, brings you the best air conditioners at best prices online. Now sit back and enjoy the cool air of summer without having to worry about anything.

Cool Off In The Heat With LG’s Air Conditioners

Summers are beautiful but the only problem with this beautiful season is the heat. It creeps up on us outside, as well as inside our own homes. Air conditioner prices may seem expensive, but if you look in the right places, you will make your investment worth it, like exploring online air conditioner prices.

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Rather than buying a new cooler pump, looking into the air conditioner may be worth an investment in the long run. Air conditioner prices differ based on the number of things. There are other factors to consider when looking at online air conditioner prices. Thus, it is still possible to find reasonable air conditioner prices no matter what time of year it is, there just may be a bit exploration associated with it.

Advantages of buying A.C’s online

Easy and Fast

It is the easiest and fastest way of shopping. Just open up your computer and get done with your shopping in no time.

With just one click, you can reach to the machine directly. There is a search box for you and by typing the appropriate keywords; the desired material appears on the screen.

Boundless Selections

From the newest to the oldest one, all the good quality A.C’s are available at your service.

Compare the Price

You can compare the price of every site and pick the one that is providing the electronics at the lowest rate. Some websites are specially made for comparing the cost.

Be Alert

You should go for the reputed online stores and they will give you a great service as they have a good reputation. Make sure to check the return and shipping policy.

Stay happy with LG India

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