Which is Better: A Fully Automatic Washing Machine or Semi-Automatic Washing Machine?

The two washing machines differ in the way of washing clothes.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:- There are two tubs used in a semi-automatic washing machine. One of them is used for washing and the other is used for drying the clothes. Once the washing cycle completes, the washed clothes are transferred in drying tub for the drying cycle. The general need of a washing machine is fulfilled with semi-automatic but compared to the updated version it loses the competition. The controls of the machine require manual operation to complete one cycle. The twin tub machines make the task a little annoying. There is manual work intervention like start and stop the water tap and shifting the clothes after completion of one cycle. But the market has introduced semi-automatic washing machines with single tub also. Featuring the combined properties of semi and fully automatic, it is cost-efficient as well.

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Fully Automatic Washing Machine:- The fully automatic washing machines don’t require manual operation and shifting of clothes from one drum to other. They have one top or front loading drum. The clothes once placed into the tub doesn’t need additional operation because the fully automated feature of the machine does the rest of the work. Compared to the counterpart, it requires regular flow of water. Comparatively it consumes more water, and more electricity as well.

Fabric Maintenance:- The fabric quality degrades in the semi-automatic and it’s not good for the health of the clothes. In the fully automatic washing machines, clothes stay young for a longer period. This machine doesn’t take the life out of the clothes and maintains the fabric quality for comparatively more.

Electricity:- In a semi-automatic washing machine, the electric consumption is relatively low as compared to the fully automated one. The semi one adds less addition to the bill, the full one takes more out of your pocket in services and monthly bill.

If you’re thinking to buy a washing machine or update an older one, it’s good to decide the space availability which is better in the fully automated one. LG India is a major producer of electric appliances, and it has numerous products related to washing machine that can satisfy your laundry needs. If you’re looking for best fully automatic washing machine, LG can be the long-lasting brand that takes proper care of its customers.


Laundry At Just A Click

The last decade has been phenomenal in terms of technological changes. All the basic kitchen appliances have went through remarkable changes and can do much more than their original intended actions. Nowadays home appliances come packed with so many features that it becomes an easy fit in our fast-paced lifestyles. Washing machine is no exception in this case, as there are numerous models of washing machines in the market and online nowadays. However, choosing one to suit our different lifestyles and pronounce one as a top washing machines in India is overwhelming. Let us go through several factors which can help one narrow our decision and take a call.

Size: The first question that comes to our mind while we buy a washing machine is the size and capacity of the machine. The size and capacity depends  on the size of the family using the machine, as well as the frequency of usage. There are different capacities available and one can choose one which fits well with their family’s requirements.

Energy conservation: It is no surprise that we live in a world of limited resources and have reached a point where energy conservation is no longer a choice but is an obligation. Opting for a choice which uses less water or electricity is a responsible decision and helps our planet in the bigger picture.

Price: The price of the washing machine is an important factor to consider before going out to buy a washing machine, as we all want to buy something which does justice to the price. There is a huge range of washing machines in the market or every price slab; however, it is important to choose one that works well with one’s budget.

Special features: In addition to the basics, many features come with your washing machines nowadays. The advanced features in the washing machine’s of today, makes them high-performance machines. Features like automated dispensers, temperature control, etc. instantly elevate the mundane activity of washing your clothes by several notches.

There are many washing machines available nowadays which stand out from the others, with their multi-tasking functions and high quality performance. However, the brand which we choose is also an important factor which influences one’s decision. There are several prominent brands in India, however, LG arises as one of the best brands for electronics, with latest technologies and efficiency being the factors which helps them be the best.  LG India has come up with a variety of options for all your laundry requirements, providing the best of the product with the latest technologies and ensuring that the client satisfaction is optimal with every purchase.