Invite Cool Air Into Your House!

The economic growth of India has led an industrial revolution that has made the marketing needs possible for the more abundant middle-class families who can afford to purchase the items that were considered a sign of luxury somedays. The rapidly growing urbanization proved to be a boon for the residents living in metro cities to adopt air conditioners as a means of easing the lifestyle; not limited to the bigger cities, the affordable range of AC has widely spread to the remote areas too. With the booming of various manufacturers and the energy-efficient technology, ACs are extensively adopted in every household nowadays. But as the market has not banned any production limit on the manufacturers, it becomes quite challenging for some consumers to select the right product according to their requirement. Here is a brief introduction of the features you should consider while purchasing an AC:


  • Capacity: The room size determines the capacity of an air conditioner. For a smaller room, a large capacity AC will prove insignificant and vice versa. Most manufacturers guide their consumers to purchase a 1 ton AC for the room area of or less than 140 Sq. Ft. For the room size greater than 150 sq. Ft. and lesser than 180 sq. Ft., AC capacity of 1.5 ton is an adequate fit. For the area falling between the bracket limit of 180 and 240 Sq. Ft., AC capacity of 2 ton fits right for the ultimate cooling.
  • Energy saver: The exponentially rising electricity tariff makes a big hole in the pocket of consumers, so it becomes the first thing of consideration for most of the shoppers. Most manufacturers produce AC with star ratings, called EER value keeping electricity consumption in mind. The more the star rating, less energy it consumes. On the contrary, the ACs whose star rating is less, it will become more burdensome to manage the electricity bill.
  • Split or window AC: Fancy looking split ACs are more hefty to manage when it comes to services. Comparing to the split ACs, window ACs are cheaper and easy to install. If you go for the cooling capacity, split AC has elevated air distribution feature in comparison to the window ACs.

If you have planned to purchase an AC for your accommodation, we recommend going for the split ACs. Though the price is a bit high, at the increased price, you get more cooling and better lifeline of the product. Split AC price in India starts from Rs 20,000. For the longer life, it’s good to select a big brand. LG is a leading player in the electronic appliances manufacturing market, millions of happy customers are a proof of the excellent work of this company. It makes ACs in affordable price range to win to the heart of middle class who seek the best product at a minimum price.


Why You, and Everyone Else, Will Love Split Air Conditioners

There are number of factors that affect the purchase of your split A.C. It is really good to consider some of those factors when you buy Split air conditioners in India as they come in many styles, shapes and prices. Split A.Cs serves a number of advantages. Before knowing some good reasons to go for Split A.Cs, have a look on some interesting facts to help you buy the best Split ACs.

Split Air Conditioners: Some Interesting Facts

  1. The split air conditioners size depends upon the area which it has to cool.
  2. If your residence has good number of rooms then you should go for dual zone or triple zone split ACs.
  3. Tubing is essential for the proper operation of the split AC. It is used to transport the cool air from the external unit to the indoor unit.
  4. If you buy split A.C from a reliable brand, it would consume less electricity for giving an efficient cooling for years to come.


3 Good Reasons to buy split A.Cs

  1. It comes small in size, which makes it ideal for many small areas and spaces.
  2. It offers a sense of flexibility for heating and cooling of independent rooms.
  3. Most systems have a whisper quiet operation feature.


Conclusion: As per my personal experience, I have observed that LG Split air conditioners are great systems with many advantages. It is an outdoor system with an inside air handler. The ACs have appealing looks and can be mounted in any location. They also carry a remote feature that gives consumers the ultimate in air changing.