Choose The Right Cooling Device For The Healthy Functioning Of Your Body!

Air conditioners are devices which work just like a refrigerator, but instead of keeping your food fresh and healthy these boost up your spirits and keep you in good health by saving you from the extreme summer heat. Even the average middle-class family is empowered now to afford an air conditioner to enjoy a healthy and comfortable life. Just like how cold weather can lift up your mood and make you productive, an air conditioner, in the same way, can raise your energy and productivity while the scorching summer keeps your city ablaze.

This home appliance is now an integral part of our life ensuring comfort. Thus before you decide to buy AC online in India or purchase it from the stores (Though we prefer online! It’s not only comfortable but saves a lot of valuable time) its essential, you do extensive research. Compare AC online for a variety of features and models you might be interested in and then finally come to a conclusion.

Every household needs a cooling system these days to get relief and delight in the convenience it offers. Therefore before you decide to make the purchase refer to this guide to buy the best AC as per your requirement:

  • Keep the cooling capacity in mind. Getting the right sized AC matters a lot as getting the tons puzzled can either leave you in a room where the cooling is insufficient or else make you feel like somebody living at the South pole. Decide between buying a 1 ton or 1.5 ton AC in accordance to your room size as it will also help you cut down on your electricity bills with optimal usage.
  • Air conditioners can speed up your energy usage. Thus choose an air conditioner online which has better energy efficiency. Consider the Star-rating to determine the power consumption. Choose an inverter AC over conventional AC’s which can be a little expensive but save you from massive monthly electricity bills.
  • Pick a brand which offers its customers proper servicing. After your purchase, the maintenance of the AC’s is a critical need. While doing your research, read the reviews of the customers carefully and don’t hesitate even from asking your dealer about the service record.
  • Apart from the extra features offered its the basic features that count. Ensure that your AC won’t make enough noise. Usually, the split air conditioners are noiseless when compared to window AC’s, but they fall a little on the expensive side.

Brands like LG, Daikin, Samsung, Voltas, Whirlpool, Hitachi manufacture air conditioners that raise the aesthetic value of your home, are affordable and provide you the best cooling with models integrated with advanced features. You can buy energy star certified AC’s online from LG Brand Store where you can compare the AC price online and settle for the best product fitting the budget that lets you enjoy a sound sleep so that you stay attentive and focused every day.


Control The Temperature And Maintain Your Cool With The Best Air-Conditioner!

After toiling hard for an entire day outside, what is the first thing you come and do at home? Switch on the air conditioner right? And let that cool breeze make up for whatever kind of day you had. There simply exists no comparaison of this feeling. It is as if somebody gave you the control of managing the weather as per your requirement. Make the temperature cooler or hotter or drier whenever you like. The invention of air conditioners have had a profound impact in all of our lives. We have no control over the weather outside but with air conditioners we can atleast make our lives comfortable within our homes and sleep in the cool.

Who does not like a gust of fresh chilled air?

In ancient rome the emperors used to send their slaves to the nearest mountains to gather snow and put around their gardens. Or they simply ordered their slaves to fan them so they could enjoy the cool aloof wind. Even ancient India shares such stories, where the emperors built fountains and pools or used passive air conditioning technologies.

Why we need air- conditioners?

  1. The productivity of people decrease in hot temperature, this is why you will find every office equipped with air-conditioners.
  2. If there is moisture and humidity in the air, the fans fail to provide effective cooling, this is when air-conditioners come in handy.
  3. Many devices like computers need cooling or else they face performance issues. This is why heavy machinery and computers are provided with air-conditioners.
  4. Nobody has control over Earth’s rising temperature due to which heat waves have become very common. Air conditioners can save from these heat waves and have improved the mortality rate.

Therefore if you are somebody buying an air-conditioner for the first time or even the n’th time make sure you compare air conditioners to buy the one that fits your requirements. Your choice should depend on few factors like:

  • The space in your room
  • Your budget
  • Energy efficiency of the machine
  • Brand you trust
  • Material used for the parts of air-conditioner

LG is one such trusted brand, their consistent efforts to introduce and equip new features in their air-conditioners make it one of the bestsellers amongst the crowd. With their new technologies like Mosquito away technology, Monsoon comfort technology, Himalaya cooling, E-saver etc. they constantly try to bring something new to their customers.

Invite Cool Air Into Your House!

The economic growth of India has led an industrial revolution that has made the marketing needs possible for the more abundant middle-class families who can afford to purchase the items that were considered a sign of luxury somedays. The rapidly growing urbanization proved to be a boon for the residents living in metro cities to adopt air conditioners as a means of easing the lifestyle; not limited to the bigger cities, the affordable range of AC has widely spread to the remote areas too. With the booming of various manufacturers and the energy-efficient technology, ACs are extensively adopted in every household nowadays. But as the market has not banned any production limit on the manufacturers, it becomes quite challenging for some consumers to select the right product according to their requirement. Here is a brief introduction of the features you should consider while purchasing an AC:


  • Capacity: The room size determines the capacity of an air conditioner. For a smaller room, a large capacity AC will prove insignificant and vice versa. Most manufacturers guide their consumers to purchase a 1 ton AC for the room area of or less than 140 Sq. Ft. For the room size greater than 150 sq. Ft. and lesser than 180 sq. Ft., AC capacity of 1.5 ton is an adequate fit. For the area falling between the bracket limit of 180 and 240 Sq. Ft., AC capacity of 2 ton fits right for the ultimate cooling.
  • Energy saver: The exponentially rising electricity tariff makes a big hole in the pocket of consumers, so it becomes the first thing of consideration for most of the shoppers. Most manufacturers produce AC with star ratings, called EER value keeping electricity consumption in mind. The more the star rating, less energy it consumes. On the contrary, the ACs whose star rating is less, it will become more burdensome to manage the electricity bill.
  • Split or window AC: Fancy looking split ACs are more hefty to manage when it comes to services. Comparing to the split ACs, window ACs are cheaper and easy to install. If you go for the cooling capacity, split AC has elevated air distribution feature in comparison to the window ACs.

If you have planned to purchase an AC for your accommodation, we recommend going for the split ACs. Though the price is a bit high, at the increased price, you get more cooling and better lifeline of the product. Split AC price in India starts from Rs 20,000. For the longer life, it’s good to select a big brand. LG is a leading player in the electronic appliances manufacturing market, millions of happy customers are a proof of the excellent work of this company. It makes ACs in affordable price range to win to the heart of middle class who seek the best product at a minimum price.