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The new innovations in techniques and with the increasing requirement of space in a fridge, convertible fridges have made an entry in the market. With the new features installed in the convertible fridges, life has gone extremely easy and much dependent on the technological shift. With the 5-in-1 convertible feature, freezer turns into a fridge, and the various modes can be changed as per need. So, the shopping capacity is definitely going to boost as the limitation on the space has diminished. The vacation mode lets you store food items in the freezer when there is little space requirement, the fridge and freezer have its own switches to turn off one at a time. When seasons change and there is no use of freezer, simply turn on the fridge mode and avoid extra electricity consumption.

Let’s discover the features of the convertible refrigerators to make life more comfortable:


  • Extra Space: This is the most advanced feature update with respect to the previous version. The freezer to fridge mode turns freezer into the fridge and fridge into the freezer. The space available in freezer section can be utilized as the fridge compartment as well. Sometimes, when there is no greater quantity of groceries in the house, or for individual purpose, the freezer can be used as a mini fridge. Simply turn off the fridge section and enjoy the freezer as mini fridge. The decreased electricity bill will definitely give a smile on your face.
  • 5-in-1 mode: The five-in-one mode takes the care of extra power dissipation and the necessity solves easily. When the freezer is not needed, turn off the freezer and it doesn’t influence the operation of the fridge. When there is no need of fridge, you can turn off the fridge and it won’t hinder the working of the freezer section. The season and vacation mode not only secure the food for the longest time but reduces energy wastage too.
  • Optimal Cooling: The advanced technology helps to protect the health of the food for a longer time by providing all-around cooling at an even rate. With more than 33% faster ice making capacity you can make plenty of ice without waiting longer.

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