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Ultra High Definition Television: Experience the Smart Way of Watching



Ultra high definition television, the biggest and brightest television money can buy today, has become the next in-thing in Indian homes. The craze for bigger, brighter and smarter things have increased manifold. When phones began having large screens, television makers had to match steps by designing stunning screens for their products.


Ultra high definition television packs an immense lot of pixels in it. Current HD TVs have no more than 2 million pixels, whereas in these TVs you will have more than 8.3 million pixels, which is 4 times the current average, thus the name 4K TV. Besides the pixel count what is more impressive is the size of the screen. The commonest size is 55 inches and can be as large as 110 inches depending on the manufacturer. Ultra high definition TVs is getting accepted into the mainstream despite hefty price tags on it because of a bunch of reasons.


1. Ultra high definition television is more than a passing fad


Content for high definition televisions need to be produced and delivered for consumption. At the time of writing this, many content producers including cinema producers are creating exclusive content for these devices. Increasingly movies are mastered at 4K resolution, both for commercial distribution and restoration projects. Hollywood has also begun shooting movies in Ultra HD and beyond.


2. Prices are plummeting fast


When ultra-high definition television was first launched in India, it had an asking price of over 19 lakhs that was outlandish by what standards that existed in the Indian television market until now. Thankfully, prices today are plummeting faster than we thought which a good thing is and that is bringing in more customers to the market looking for ultra-high definition televisions for their living rooms. 55 inch models manufactured by Sony are priced at around 3 lakhs, which is substantially lower than what it was just a few months ago.


3. Glass free 3d experience


Passive 3D is perfect if you hate wearing glasses every time you watch TV. Passive 3D delivers stunning picture quality, no crosstalk lot of brightness and no flickering that is commonly associated with active 3D televisions.



In the days that are ahead of us, the ultra high definition television is going to become the standard in every household and if prices come down further, the ultra high definition television can soon be found in place of every high definition today. A good step to make everything more customer-friendly would be to standardize the technology.