Laundry At Just A Click

The last decade has been phenomenal in terms of technological changes. All the basic kitchen appliances have went through remarkable changes and can do much more than their original intended actions. Nowadays home appliances come packed with so many features that it becomes an easy fit in our fast-paced lifestyles. Washing machine is no exception in this case, as there are numerous models of washing machines in the market and online nowadays. However, choosing one to suit our different lifestyles and pronounce one as a top washing machines in India is overwhelming. Let us go through several factors which can help one narrow our decision and take a call.

Size: The first question that comes to our mind while we buy a washing machine is the size and capacity of the machine. The size and capacity depends  on the size of the family using the machine, as well as the frequency of usage. There are different capacities available and one can choose one which fits well with their family’s requirements.

Energy conservation: It is no surprise that we live in a world of limited resources and have reached a point where energy conservation is no longer a choice but is an obligation. Opting for a choice which uses less water or electricity is a responsible decision and helps our planet in the bigger picture.

Price: The price of the washing machine is an important factor to consider before going out to buy a washing machine, as we all want to buy something which does justice to the price. There is a huge range of washing machines in the market or every price slab; however, it is important to choose one that works well with one’s budget.

Special features: In addition to the basics, many features come with your washing machines nowadays. The advanced features in the washing machine’s of today, makes them high-performance machines. Features like automated dispensers, temperature control, etc. instantly elevate the mundane activity of washing your clothes by several notches.

There are many washing machines available nowadays which stand out from the others, with their multi-tasking functions and high quality performance. However, the brand which we choose is also an important factor which influences one’s decision. There are several prominent brands in India, however, LG arises as one of the best brands for electronics, with latest technologies and efficiency being the factors which helps them be the best.  LG India has come up with a variety of options for all your laundry requirements, providing the best of the product with the latest technologies and ensuring that the client satisfaction is optimal with every purchase.

For your Household Convenience

In earlier times washing clothes was a stupendous job when only women used to be engaged in it. But with the tough machines that could wash our clothes entered in our lives, it has made it so easy for any adult in the house to use it. The button operated washing machines save so much energy and time that we can actually not live without them.

There are many options in the market today that suit your budget as well as your utility. They come in vibrant colours that suit your room and fit in too. Any house today is incomplete without it and obviously it has many benefits and has become a necessity.

Comes in Different Capacities

When you go to the market, you have to look into many aspects before buying a washing machine and the capacity is one of the most important aspects. Having more capacity in a washing machine means the less frequently you would wash and this will further reduce the electricity bill. You need to see the size of your family to determine which washing machine to buy. The washing machines come ranging from 5 Kgs to 12 Kgs and you can choose from which one will suit you best!

The Spin Speed:-The speed of the spin in a washing machine ranges between 1000 to 1500 revolutions in a minute. The faster the speed of the spin the more moisture it will pull out from clothes that will come out of the machine dryer and better.

Choose the latest Technology:-Washing machines come with latest technology and therefore are well equipped to take care of your clothes and they are also energy efficient to reduce on the electricity bills and make you calm and peaceful.

Reduced Noise:-All your worries and tensions would remain at bay when your washing machine would work even during the night when others especially your little one would be sleeping.

Rapid Wash:-The quick wash function in washing machines let you wash few clothes in a much lesser time.

Energy Saver:-An appliance that saves your energy and because of which you pay less on your bills are the environment friendly appliances. Thus some technical information regarding the consumption of energy should be taken before the you decide to buy the washing machine.

Can Be Trusted:- Your important utility undergoes thorough testing before it comes to the market and you get a 5 years warranty that covers the mechanical breakdown on a standard basis.

LG brings to you the twin load washing machine that are available at the best prices in the market. The washing machine best for you would be one that suits your needs and your pocket too! This will make your home a special space and your work easy.

Some of the Best in Microwaves

The way of preparing food have gone through an evolution of its own. There used to be time when each meal took hours of tedious preparation and labour and repeat that for three meal per day and one can just imagine how knee-jerkingly overwhelming it is. However, the change in  time and technology has enabled one to prepare meals in advance and reheat them while having. The rise of microwaves is especially helpful when one wants to be stress free, use less water for reheating in different vessels and also the simple convenience of heat-and serve mentality. The modern microwaves can do far more than just reheating and can take care of many major cooking processes like grilling, broiling, baking, etc. Let us compare a few microwave ovens online:

Oven Microwave

IFB 30SC4: The IFB 30SC4 30-litre convection microwave oven is a appealing for the ones who love cooking something different every day. It is great for fast heating, defrosting and has quiet a lot of auto-cook programmes. It is perfect for multi-stage cooking and is a premium quality oven offering microwave, grill and convection.

Godrej GME 30CR1BIM: The Godrej GME 30CR1BIM is a 30-litre convection microwave oven is one of the finest of its kind. It will fit in easily with any cooking requirement you might have-basic cooking, barbecuing, and quick heating or for preparing elaborate dishes in a short span of time. This microwave gives a synergy of practical features in a compact but well-built body.

IFB 30SRC2: Cooking can be a pure delight with this 30-litre convection microwave. If you love your barbeque, this is the perfect oven for you, as it enables one to add their own spin to your grilled chicken or favorite barbeque dishes. It comes with a rotating grill which gives one the satisfaction of roasting thier chicken rotisserie-style. This modern microwave is ideal for those who love express cooking and barbecuing. It works well, is easy to use and can accommodate itself into any kitchen décor.

LG MC2883SMP: LG is a renowned brand and their G MC2883SMP model is one of the most sought after microwaves in the market. It is very versatile. One can use it like regular oven because you can cook, grill and bake with this microwave. The LG convection microwave oven ideal for a family of 4 to 6 members. It comes with an appealing design and a sleek look  which elevates the aesthetics of every mediocre kitchen.

The Godrej GME 20CM1 MJZ : The Godrej GME 20CM1 MJZ 20 L Convection Microwave is a multi-cuisine masterpiece options of over 125 cuisines from 8 countries. It is a great pocket friendly  which allows you to  cook delicious meals for your family and friends without much hassle with this microwave. It is functional without being bulky and can accommodate any modern kitchen in a compact manner. A person starting their culinary journey or experimenting with food will definitely love this.

There are various ways of using the nifty microwave. One can go beyond the usual and explore a myriad opd cooking techniques available. One can  choose from hundreds of microwave oven available online and go through their configurations to choose the best model for your lifestyle. There are many perks of ordering an appliance online. It helps one browse and choose the models with no boundations of time and in the comfort of their home. Also, the easy delivery and the convenience is unmatched in any other kind of purchase. Since the world has gone digital and the lifestyle is hectic, many people have chosen the easy way of online purchasing over time.

Stay Clean with LG Washing Machine India

There were times when we either did not use a washing machine or very few households had them. In today’s times if you do not have a washing machine at home, your home is incomplete. With so many options available in the market you can choose what suits your style, space and utility the best. Let’s discuss some of the features and benefits of this modern time necessity.

  • Capacity:- A simple but important aspect to cover is the capacity of a washing machine. The more capacity it has the less frequently you wash which further reduces your bill. The capacity of the machine is chosen by the size of your family. Ranging from 5kgs to 12kgs you can choose what suits you best.
  • Spin Speed:- Spin speed of the washing machine ranges from 1000 to 1500 revolutions per minute. Faster spin speeds pulls out more moisture from clothes that come out dryer.
  • Latest Technology:- Latest technologies in machines now take care of each garment and is also energy efficient making your home calm and peaceful.
  • Noise Level:- If you prefer to wash clothes during the night or you have small children at home you should choose a washing machine that makes less noise and keeps worries at bay.
  • Quick Wash:- If you have lesser time and have fewer clothes to clean then you should choose washing machines that are equipped with quick wash function.
  • Energy Rating:- An energy saving appliance not just cuts bills but is also environment friendly. Before deciding on the washing machine you should go for some technical information so that you know how much electricity will be consumed.
  • Reliability:- This important appliance undergoes rigorous testing before it actually comes in the market. You get 5-years warranty which covers the standard mechanical breakdown.

Keeping all the features in mind you can choose from the range of washing machines available in the market. LG washing machine India has worked hard to make your home become a special space with its variety and features at your service.

Choose The Best Water Purifier in India

Just like it is difficult to find unadulterated food items in today’s time, similarly it’s difficult to find pure water to drink. You cannot just rely on tap water or just another water filter. Surely a water purifier becomes an important household appliance to keep. The water that you get from your tap may be hard water or even muddy or it may look clean but may have harmful bacteria that you are unable to see with the naked eye. So how do choose the best water purifier for your family. Let’s discuss some of the water purifiers and their features.


Types of purifiers

Every day with new technology the water purifiers are also getting advanced. There are various kinds of water purifiers in the market today- Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet, Gravity Based Water Purifiers, RO +UV and Ultra purification.


Many of the water purifiers today come with a tank where all the filtered water is stored. For a small family, 5 to 7 litres of water storing capacity of a water purifier would be enough. But you can choose a 10 litres capacity purifier if you have a medium to large family. Most of them automatically start the process of filtering water once the tank empties.

Electric or non-electric

If electricity is a problem that you are unable to solve at your end then you have a choice of selecting either electric or non-electric water purifiers. All the non-electric water purifiers like the Gravity based ones are less efficient than the electric purifiers. But you can buy an Ultra filtration water purifier which works without electricity and runs on less maintenance cost.


Every appliance requires maintenance either low or high in cost accordingly. Almost all the UV and RO water purifiers have alarms set on them that notify you whether there would be a filter change or bulb change. If you do not pay attention to the alarms they stop functioning. Therefore there maintenance is an important aspect and this safety mechanism keeps the water purifier safe for you at all times.

All the points are important to keep in mind before you buy a water purifier. LG provides you with the Best Water Purifier in India with its range and wide variety to choose from. The complete care you will get from their range would keep you healthy and hydrated for the entire day.