Why Are LEDs Dominating The Market?

LED televisions are the modern innovations in the entertainment industry which utilize series of light emitting diodes to create a bright backlight display. If the dealer informs you about a TV to be entirely LED, he/she is conveying the wrong information. If a TV set is wholly LED, the price will significantly rise. The real LED TVs are those giant screens that you come to see at stadiums, rock venues, etc. LED technology is used to illuminate the thousands of LED lights to deliver high-definition picture quality obtained on the widescreen. As the size of LEDs are big and they are used in chunks, these are used as a light source to backlight LCD crystals.


Difference between LED and LCD televisions:

  • TV size: The age of LCD is over, and it has been dominated by the LEDs. In the beginning, LEDs came to serve the purpose of widescreen televisions for commercial fields, and gradually home theater enthusiasts adopted it for domestic application. With the increasing demand, the LEDs slid down from massive screen craze to small screen. Though the market has still large LCD screens to offer, the features of LEDs beat the LCDs in various ways.
  • Better product at a comparatively same price: Television manufacturers have widely embraced LEDs as the cost of production is relatively cheaper. The enhanced picture quality speaks the popularity of LEDs in comparison to other televisions. The energy efficient feature of LEDs advocates the eco-friendly nature as compared to the compact fluorescent backlights. The life of LEDs lasts longer than the LCD television sets.
  • Energy consumption: An LED television requires electricity to stimulate the liquid crystals of LCD panel and also to ignite its LED backlighting. In comparison to the LCDs, LED TVs consume less energy. On an average scale, LEDs use electricity efficiently and consume 20 to 30 percent less power than the LCD counterparts. Good news for the customers, most of the LED TVs qualify for the EPA’s energy star rating.

Indeed, LEDs are the future of entertainment world which are capable of supporting 4K and 8K resolutions. With the technology getting widely embraced, the price of the LEDs has significantly reduced. To buy LED TV online, the brand selection becomes a significant issue. Out of many brands in the industry, LG is known for producing cheaper to costlier products that include a broad range of customers.


A Complete Home Entertainment Device

A leisurely TV watching session is no longer an everyday family activity but has progressed to a completely new level of experience. The progress in the technology of the home entertainment devices has been significant and one can now enjoy a premium movie-theater experience by just turning on the TV. There is no dearth of televisions in the market, to say the least, and going out in the pursuit of a new led TV is a challenging task to say the least.  Let us look at some features of LG LED TV that might be helpful in making this decision a little less intimidating.

full HD led
Full HD LED TV India
  • Design/Display: The LG LED TV comes in an array of sleek and striking designs. They come with Triple-XD Engine feature that provides crystal-clear visuals and the most intense and life-like colors providing an overall delightful experience.
  • Indian climate: The LG LED TV comes with several features like Lightening Protection, Summer Heat & Humidity Protection, etc. which are perfect for the Indian weather. These features make these televisions a good fit for every family.
  • Special feature: Some of the LG LED TVs come with Mosquito Away feature which a revolutionary technology that uses distinctive sound waves to help keep mosquitoes far away. Intelligent features like this are very useful in India, where mosquitoes are a bother all year.
  • Regional Language: In a country like India, the option for regional language in one’s televisions is a very useful feature. Now everyone can enjoy their favourite channels in the language they want. This blurs the regional lines within the country and everyone can enjoy what they like.
  • Gaming: LG LED TV also comes with some in-built games which are convenient for the kids in the family. This feature helps the entire family experience the benefits of the television and makes it a complete home entertainment device.

LG has a range of different LED TVs which are perfect family entertainment devices for India. It comes with a stunning sleek body, packed with special features customized for Indian buyers, and gives one a total family experience.

The Complete Family Entertainment System

Watching TV at home is no longer a mundane family activity but has evolved to a new level of entertainment. Technology in entertainment devices has been remarkably innovatory and one can now get a deluxe movie-theatre experience every time they turn on the TV. There is a huge range of televisions in the market now with the newest of the latest technologies. But it is challenging to find a TV which is best fit for someone. To make this decision a little less daunting, let’s look at some of the major features to consider which can be found in the LG LED TV.


  • Design and Display: The LG LED TV comes in an assortment of sleek and attractive designs. It comes with Triple-XD Engine feature, providing crystal-clear pictures and the most vivid and life-like colors which is a pleasurable experience.
  • Special Indian climate-proofing: The LG LED TV comes with special features like Lightening Protection, Summer Heat & Humidity Protection, etc. which are ideal for the Indian climate, making these televisions perfect for every household.
  • Special feature: Some of the LG LED TV models come with Mosquito Away feature which uses special sound waves to keep mosquitoes away. Feature like this are very effective in India, where mosquitoes are a nuisance year long.
  • Regional Language: This feature in select models gives the user the liberty to enjoy the favorite channels in the regional languages. In a country like India, where so many languages are spoken all throughout the country, features like this helps every one enjoy the channels in the language they want.
  • Gaming: LG LED TV comes with a handful of in-built games for free, which are especially handy for the kids in the family. This helps the user experience a full-fledged family entertainment system which adheres to different needs of the family members.

LG LED TV is the perfect family TV for the India. It comes with a sleek body and a hand-full of special features which a tailored for the Indian audience, to give them a total family experience.

Experience Breathtaking TV Viewing With The Best LED Televisions in India

LED TVs are the television sets that have their display consisting of LCD with the light emitting diodes as the backlight, in opposition to the LCD TVs that use fluorescent lamps for the backlight. Factors like energy efficiency, low maintenance, robustness and long life have influenced its demand. Most importantly, they are known for their picture quality. It is the factor that makes best LED Televisions in India stand out in the crowd.


Technology keeps on evolving at fast pace. It can happen that you may have purchased the latest flat panel television a year ago but can’t help yourself with the updated models that are introduced later. Nowadays, televisions have come up with a wide array of features such as LED backlighting, Ethernet connectivity, optional Wi-Fi and 3D, web apps. Gone were the days when best LED Televisions in India were expensive and only few people can afford them. Now, the prices have become justifiable taken in account the number of its modern features.

Why LED TV’s are a good decision?

There are number of reasons which speak out that LED TV’s are a good decision. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Consumes less energy: LCD’s consume up to 85% less energy than traditional lighting. This is very good for the environment as well as business. Hence, they result in more savings.
  • Maintenance is easy: LEDs are very easy to maintain. Due to this factor, they are ideally suitable for factories, warehouses, open spaces within offices, plant rooms, hospitals and schools.
  • LED’s are Long Lasting: The average age for a LED light is 10 years. Even then they will only need replacing because their light fades.
  • Safe to use: LEDs use12-24 volts and are less of a fire risk besides light bulbs and neon lighting. LEDs never emit UV. They are good to be used in the areas where the heat is too much.

In which styles LED TV’s are available?

Best LED televisions in India come in two styles- edge-lit and a full array.

Edge-Lit Televisions: These televisions have lights set around the television frame.The edge-lit models are the thinnest and lightest that reflect light into the center of the monitor. They are less expensive as they have fewer lights inside.

Full- Array Televisions: The lights set in full-array are behind the screen in a grid pattern. These models offer the best contrast ratios in LED technology.  Among these models, LG brand is most popular.


LED TV’s from LG are designed to totally transform your viewing experience. They deliver an exceptional picture quallity and sound. It gives you all that you are looking for as it is packed with features like Robust IPS Panel, USB Connectivity, Lightening Protection, summer Heat Protection & Humid Protection. What more you can wish for?

Bring Home the Ultimate LED TV Viewing Experience with LG India

Finding the perfect TV for your home is like bringing alive all the entertainment under one roof. To make your search an enjoyable experience free from struggles with the technology technicalities, we bring a guide for you to assess the overview of the main TV features to consider.




  • LED TVs

LED TVs are most popular today, given their excellent picture quality and superior display even in low lighting (which gets optimized in well-lit rooms). Being extremely thin shaped and most elegantly designed, LED TVs are a designer addition to any home décor. Being part of the LCD family, LED TVs provide advanced edge lighting or back lighting.

  • TV Size

This majorly depends on the size of your room. Some other factors are – the viewing distance and the overall viewing experience you want to create. More than the type of the TV, the size of the TV also makes a huge difference to the overall impact you desire from the TV viewing experience. As an important observation, larger screens today take much lesser space than expected. The reason is that the size of the outside edge around the screen is becoming thinner these days.

  • Hertz Measurements

To cut it short – the higher the hertz, the better the picture quality. A TV with a 240Hz (hertz) refresh rate will completely rebuild its picture 240 times in one second. To understand this better, the more frequently the screen is refreshed, the smoother is the image output. But hertz or refresh rate isn’t the only determining factor to assess how smooth is fast motion display.

LG India offers best LED TVs in India with breathtaking picture and sound quality, stylish and sleek designs to complement your décor and durability like none other. So bring home the new entertainment source and experience the next level TV viewing.