Better Cooling For The Faster Lifestyle!

Refrigerators are not something that came around yesterday, and it has been around for a long while. However, there are many things which have changed regarding the looks and functionality of a refrigerator over the last few years. There is an overwhelming variety of refrigerators available in the market today, and one can choose the model which is best suited for their residence. There are several categories of refrigerators available to us, ranging from two-door, double door, bottom drawer, etc. If you are interested to buy a double door refrigerator online, there are certain things which need to be kept in mind.

best fridge

  • Size of the family: Different family has different requirements in a refrigerator. Some families are a smaller sized family with minimum requirement, while others are expansive and more meals are made each day. This directly influences the kind of refrigerator which is best suited for you
  • Space: Some refrigerators come with a sizeable storage space, while there are others which are more compact. The kind of refrigerator you buy will be reflected by the space required by your household.
  • Eco-friendly: The planet we live is constantly suffering from the various machine and man-made adversities. Being conscious about the products we buy and going for a healthier and more eco-friendly option can help the planet in a bigger picture.
  • Fast Cooling: The primary thing we require from a refrigerator is fast and quality cooling. With the fast-paced lifestyle of today, refrigerator with faster cooling can help one keep pace with the faster lifestyle and save a lot of time while entertaining guests or hosting a party.

Even though there are several different models of refrigerators which are available online, choosing one can get hectic. There are many brands which offer stunning designs and functions, however, it is wise to stick to a brand which is trustworthy and credible. LG has been around for a while and has earned its name over the decades. Their line of refrigerators is built with inspiring designs and effective functionality to give it an edge over the other. With new brands coming in everyday, going for a company which comes with its own legacy is the wisest decision one can make. LG Brand Store is a perfect collaboration of the diverse products of LG under one roof for you to enjoy!


Advanced Water Purification Technologies

Increasing water pollutants have turned out the biggest health hazards as they potentially trigger water-borne diseases. To exterminate the boosting challenge, water purifiers have confirmed to be boon for human health. The advanced technologies have formulated multiple means to achieve the human appeal. It springs with a simple candle technology to advanced membrane filtration that works efficiently in eliminating water pollutants.

Here is a brief introduction of top technologies available in the market:


  • RO Filtration: Reverse osmosis is much in trend and the most adopted technology as it is cost-efficient and works perfectly in excluding dissolved salts and germs from water and produce neat, clean and healthy drinkable water. The membrane technology uses a semipermeable membrane to segregate chemicals and impurities from water. The fine pores fabricated in membrane permit only water molecules of size less than .0005 microns to cross through it and capture water dissolved chemicals greater than this measurement. The suspended microbes, chemicals, and dissolved salts don’t reach the filtered chamber and thus safe water is delivered.
  • UV Purification: The next advanced level uses ultraviolet rays to erase the harmful elements present in tap water. It is capable to kill a maximum of 99.9% of the microbes, bacteria, germs, and cysts blended in water. The reproducing capacity of bacteria and viruses gets fired utilizing the penetration power of UV radiations generated using mercury lamp installed in the filtration system. The dead organisms invisible to naked eye gets refined using some other filtration method in conjunction with UV technology.
  • Candle Filter: The most fundamental mechanism adopted in the filtration method is candle purification. It has a simple operation that blocks the bigger particles to transfer through the pores in the candle. Advantageous part is an electricity-free process, but it still requires to heat the filtered water to get more safe water. The water consumption is not so safe as microbes do not get filtered in this technology. It’s the cheapest water filtration technology accessible in the market.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Without using electricity, it is capable to remove chlorine, pesticides, and impurities from water. It employs activated carbon filter that effectively attracts chemicals and water pollutants towards it yielding safe drinking water. The disadvantageous part of the technology is its ability to alter the taste and odor of water, along with it captures some of the minerals available in water. The second disadvantageous side is it fails in blocking microbes.

To buy a water purifier online, the above-listed technologies can help you provide a better guide in deciding the best filtration system. LG is one of the major producers of water filters with a varying price range and of all technological standards. The brand boasts to produce electrical appliances that last longer than any competitive alternatives.

Some Of The Features Listed In The Descriptive Menu When Purchasing Microwave

Microwaves are electromagnetic radiations used in ovens to cook food. The electron tube called magnetron is used to generate electromagnetic waves inside the oven. When inside temperature reaches to the desired degree, the water molecules start vibrating and this creates heat as induced by the microwaves. And the reason why it’s not recommended to cook dry foods inside a microwave. The technological advancement saves significant energy and time. It can be a great add-on to your kitchen as it is made to cook a diverse range of recipes in limited time.

The most common terms that you can encounter when purchasing a microwave online or from a local retailer are listed here below.

convection microwave oven price

Child Lock: Often it is witnessed that interior of microwaves become very heated, especially in the case of convection microwave in which temperature reaches to an extreme level. In case if there are children in the home, it’s essential to secure the lock system available in microwaves to avoid accidents. The in-built code system heightens the safety of the microwaves, and children untold to password can’t access it.

Auto Cooking: If there is time restriction, or you don’t want to spend much time wandering in the kitchen anticipating food to cook, the auto cook is the best choice for your convenience. The time setting or the power configuration doesn’t need this feature, all you need to direct the recipe category and the smart feature will take the hold of the rest. Generally, it is available in expensive microwaves only.

The Time Required to Reach Cooking Temperature: The oven requires some time to attain the temperature to set itself to cook the food. It takes time before you can put the food inside, and a little delay is expected. This is termed as preheating. Cheap microwaves take comparatively prolonged time to reach the required temperature, while same is accelerated in costlier microwaves.

Timer: The time duration falls in the bracket of 30 seconds to 10 minutes. It depends on the food type how long it will take to cook properly. Time can be set using knob or LCD panel built on the front face of microwaves. For quick heating the product, time can be set to minimum 30 seconds.


If you have anchored your mind to buy a microwave online in India, then LG is the great brand to trust and invest in. With a wide variety of microwaves to suit a small and large family, LG manufactures cost-cost-effective products. With power consumption to keep minimal, the top priority of the brand is to develop a sound association with prospective customers.

Things To Check Before Purchasing LED TV

The passion to own a large TV set in main bedroom or hall can be the longing of every individual. But the limitation of budget squeezes the raising demand as not everyone can manage such hefty price. But the huge demand by the customers for large size TVs equipped with smart technology has created a global market, and leading TV manufacturers have appeared with cheap alternatives. The less known brands have launched affordable LEDs to compete against the renowned brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony.

smart tv

  • Minimum Screen Distance: The affordable price to own a large screen TV for just low as Rs 40,000 doesn’t mean it will suit the environment you want to fit the screen into. A little homework is necessary to check the features of a TV that you’re going to purchase. The size of the room plays an important role in comfort viewing and capture optimal entertainment. The minimum distance to enjoy a 32-inch LED TV is 4 feet and it is 7 feet for the screen size of 40-inch to 48-inch. Same extends to 9 feet for TV size of more than 48-inch. The second factor is not to go for the decision to buy an LED TV below 32-inch screen size. It fails to satisfy the viewer and investment will transpire a bad deal.
  • Not To Opt HD Ready TV: The best recommendation always goes with 1080p HD TVs, no matter budget falls in 720p range. Budget is always flexible and a little wait can bring the advancement of resolution. It’s a thing to keep in mind when shopping LED TVs that not all HD LED TVs will offer 1080p resolution, the cheaper alternatives come in 720p variant as well. If you’re highly dependent on set-top boxes, opting 720p can be a decent choice, but if you’re a game addict or cinemaholic, 1080p can only please your call. It’s good to go for 1080p resolution if the room size is small or medium.
  • Size Vs Smart Features: The two variants – one with smaller screen size equipped with smart TV features and the other with a large screen and no added features – the best selection can be of the later one because the technology will no longer satisfy the urge for a large screen size, and at the end of the day the opportunity to go for a bigger size can only make your hunt a worth one.

The brand availability in affordable price can be a bingo. Especially when technology can be trusted for a prolonged time, the investment seems a better deal. LG is one of the major and top producers of LED TVs, and it can be an ideal hub to buy LED TV Online from LG stores or e-commerce websites.

Say Hello To A Cleaner Home!

The busy schedule of daily life doesn’t let us find abundant time to apply it on household cleaning and maintain the hygienic environment on routine basis. This follows continuous settling of dust on furniture, floor, carpet, couches, and mattresses forming a thick layer – too stubborn to dust off. The plenty of measures applied prove to be a failure in arresting dust to sneak in. Open spaces are commonplace for dust to settle and pile up.

Vacuum cleaners are revolutionary techniques to get relieved of dust. It enhances the aesthetic value of the house and reduces the manual workload. It has a centrifugal fan installed within to suck and blow the dust as required in an efficient manner what manual method of hours of cleaning cannot accomplish. The amazing suction doesn’t leave even pollen particles ranging to microbial particles – yielding super cleaning with minimal effort.

Types of vacuum cleaner: It features extensive variety of selection for smaller or bigger purpose. Some of them are very heavy while some are portable. A good vacuum cleaner should contain wheel support for easy mobility, a powerful motor for effective suction, a bigger bowl, filters, suction bower, and long cord to reach every corner without any extension connected.

  1. Indoor: Mainly designed for domestic purpose, it is very handy and comfortable to use. Capable of wiping out stringent dust and dirt, it can be used for wet and dry both methods.
  2. Outdoor: These are very heavy made with wheel support, mainly designed to gather several hundred liters of dust in one cycle. Usually, these are for industrial use as they need bigger vacuum cleaners for fast cleaning of the larger area.
  3. Portable: Handy in use and extremely lightweight, this gadget provides easy cleaning of dust inside the car where manual operation, as well as medium size vacuum cleaners, fail to function.
  4. Robotic floor cleaners: These are remote controlled and can be operated without moving with the vacuum cleaner. Easy to use and highly recommended for floors.

Vacuum cleaners are user-friendly with users who are dust allergic, asthma patient, and person with breathing issue. LG has dynamically converted the technology into ease providing appliances that humans can’t be more thankful of. When it comes to durability, LG successfully stands top on the list.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying An AC

As the summer approaches, the need to purchase an AC to battle the killing heat knocks first in mind. The previous summer memories refresh in mind when coolers and fans failed to combat high temperature, stealing sleep of many nights. Either design or function failed to impress you buying it. However, with the rapid increase in demand, manufacturers have discovered new types of AC to fulfill your requirement.

Once decided to buy an AC, caterers distract you with different features an AC possess. To meet the requirement, here are some things to keep in mind before buying an AC:

There comes first which AC to buy from the wide variety available in the market: Windows, split, portable or inverter ACs?

  1. Design: Windows AC boxes compressor, motor, connecting pipe and heat exchangers in a single unit. It can be installed in a window avoiding any further difficulty. While split AC incorporates two distinct units: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. It can be mounted on a wall.
  2. Size of the room: Windows AC is perfect for room size less than 300 square feet, while split AC is considered right for small to big sized rooms. Where large tonnage ACs will fail to remove humidity from compartment, small tonnage ACs fail to provide proper cooling and more consumption of electricity.
  3. Noise: Split ACs have a major advantage over windows one in terms of noise pollution. The ODU part of split AC responsible for creating noise is installed outside the room, and IDU part doesn’t create so much noise that you can notice. While in windows AC all the noisy parts are installed in one unit, so it’s not good to buy windows one if you have zero tolerance for noise.
  4. Installation and services: When it comes to machines, they need regular services to stay fit and keep running. But the busy schedule asks less time to spend on services that these machines require. Windows AC needs less care and maintenance in comparison to its counterpart. Along with services, installation is quite is easy of windows AC.
  5. EER: Cooling an AC creates per watt of electricity consumption, star rating marked on ACs symbolize the cooling capacity. More the star rating, more cooling it will produce.
  6. BTU: Various specifications of room such as number of windows, number of electric appliances, size, amount of stuff kept, and walls facing the sun, combine to make  BTU. More BTU means AC will consume more electricity.

Once decided the right AC to stake on, brand comes in light. In comparison to other brands, LG offers wide variety of selections ranging from small tonnage to large tonnage. Customers trust in big brands, and LG stands totally influential in grabbing the opportunity to satisfy their demand.

There Is Nothing Like A Cool Breeze On A Hot Summer Day!

Summer in India only brings bad memories. Unlike summer in the West, where the sun is gently accompanied by gentle cool breeze and people goes out to the beach for the right tan and merriment. But in India, the entire summer scene is different. The scorching hot sun along with humidity brings terrible nightmares of the summer season. The only resort and safe heaven on a hot summer day are the fresh air of AC indoors. Out of these ACs, the one that comes equipped with multiple benefits is a window ac.

There are numerous advantages of buying window AC online in India, some of them are-

window AC

  1. Cost Effective- Windows AC is cheaper than rest of the ACs. This makes them mild on the pocket and very budget friendly. Servicing windows AC also comes at a cheaper price than that of other ACs.
  2. Energy Efficient- Windows AC is very energy efficient. So now, one doesn’t need to worry about those big bills of electricity consumption.
  3. Installation- Windows AC is easier to install. The installation process of other ACs take a toll on the entire process of getting an AC, but windows AC can be installed without even having to call for help but by oneself.
  4. Lesser Space- As the name suggests windows AC takes up lesser space within a room by the window, and thus they don’t take up floor space and doesn’t intervene in household activities.
  5. Individual Cooling Windows AC can be used for individual cooling, i.e., it can be used to cool a single room or single part, unlike centralized AC which cools the entire house with more energy wasted.

With the summer approaching at high speed, it is essential to gear up to buy window AC online in India. LG has a broad range of window AC in India, which enables one to buy online. Thus, don’t let the summer take you down. Instead of running away from the summer nightmare, embrace this summer by buying window Ac online in India.