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Water Purifiers In India

Drink Pure, Live A Healthy And Fit Life

We all live in an impure world where everything is contaminated starting from the air we breathe in to the water we drink. We see health hazards every day engulfing us. We use filters to live a clean life starting from air filters to water filters. Human beings get a lot of diseases from drinking impure water. Thus, filtered water is an essential element of today’s daily life. Having said this, it is necessary to mention that, with evolvement of age, the nature of impurities have evolved too. The nature of impurities has evolved to become stronger and tougher to eradicate. Thus, traditional filtration does not work in today’s age to remove them.


Modern age filters have evolved to give us the best possible water. While saying this, in India, it is necessary to have the best water purifier which is undoubtedly provided by LG in its wide range of water purifiers. Its unique features make it different from the rest. Some of the exclusive features of LG water purifiers which make it the best are as follows-

  1. Single Touch- This feature come with filtration which gives water as cold as 5 degrees and as hot as 90degrees at a single touch which not only makes it convenient but also makes it time saving.
  2. Four Steps Filtration- There are four steps RO filtration which are as follows-
  • Pre-Filter Candle
  • Pre-Carbon Block Filter
  • Membrane Filter
  • Post Carbon Block Filter

These steps give the best filtered water one can get.

  1. Hygienic- The filtered water is stored in a steel tank which makes it hygienic. There is also an indirect heating and cooling technology which makes guarantees purity.
  2. Smart Design- It is styled in a very sophisticated way to suit one’s home’s décor and make it look more stylish and delicate.


Thus, LG water purifiers are coped with the latest technologies, which make it a great addition to one’s home. Now, one can enjoy the taste of purity and hygiene in a more convenient way which makes it the best water purifier in India.

True Water Purifiers: Know More

What are true water purifiers?

True Water Purifiers are the one which give you Hygienic Care beyond purity. These Water Purifiers are the best combination of true RO filtration, true preservation & true maintenance.

Features that make up True Water Purifiers

  1. True ro filtration
  2. Dual protection stainless steel tank™
  3. Digital sterilizing care
  4. Everfresh uv cycle™
  5. 2-in-1 water solution™
  6. Flexible installation

Main Categories of True Water Purifiers

True Home Water Purifiers are basically divided into 2 categories

  1. Electric Water Purifiers
  2. Non Electric Water Purifiers

Types of water purifiers available in the market


  1. Reverse Osmosis Filters: RIO Water Purifier is known for providing multi-stage filtration which involves the combination of active carbon and particle filtration. During the purification process, tap water is passed through small sized pores that separate minerals and micro-organisms.
  1. Activated carbon filters: In Activated Carbon filter, impurities are drawn to the surface of carbon filter after the water is passed over the activated carbon surface. The water purifier removes organic compounds and also changes the taste of water.

Water Purifiers in india

  1. UV Water Purifier: In UV Water Purifier, UV rays that kill 99% of organisms present in the water.
  1. Candle filters: The water purifier water purifies the water through a candle with each minute pore.