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Choose best water purifier in India with mineral booster which adds 100% minerals in water to make water healthier and tastier.

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Best Water Purifier in India

Choose The Best Water Purifier in India

Just like it is difficult to find unadulterated food items in today’s time, similarly it’s difficult to find pure water to drink. You cannot just rely on tap water or just another water filter. Surely a water purifier becomes an important household appliance to keep. The water that you get from your tap may be hard water or even muddy or it may look clean but may have harmful bacteria that you are unable to see with the naked eye. So how do choose the best water purifier for your family. Let’s discuss some of the water purifiers and their features.


Types of purifiers

Every day with new technology the water purifiers are also getting advanced. There are various kinds of water purifiers in the market today- Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet, Gravity Based Water Purifiers, RO +UV and Ultra purification.


Many of the water purifiers today come with a tank where all the filtered water is stored. For a small family, 5 to 7 litres of water storing capacity of a water purifier would be enough. But you can choose a 10 litres capacity purifier if you have a medium to large family. Most of them automatically start the process of filtering water once the tank empties.

Electric or non-electric

If electricity is a problem that you are unable to solve at your end then you have a choice of selecting either electric or non-electric water purifiers. All the non-electric water purifiers like the Gravity based ones are less efficient than the electric purifiers. But you can buy an Ultra filtration water purifier which works without electricity and runs on less maintenance cost.


Every appliance requires maintenance either low or high in cost accordingly. Almost all the UV and RO water purifiers have alarms set on them that notify you whether there would be a filter change or bulb change. If you do not pay attention to the alarms they stop functioning. Therefore there maintenance is an important aspect and this safety mechanism keeps the water purifier safe for you at all times.

All the points are important to keep in mind before you buy a water purifier. LG provides you with the Best Water Purifier in India with its range and wide variety to choose from. The complete care you will get from their range would keep you healthy and hydrated for the entire day.

How You can Drink Safe and Hygienic Water

Today, there are a number of brands in the market offering highest quality of water purifiers to meet the growing demands of health conscious families. Due to the large number of brands, models and price ranges to choose from, consumers often face difficulty in choosing the best. Choosing the best water purifiers in India becomes really important considering the growing diseases.

The first and foremost thing that consumers need to determine is whether the best water purifiers in India leverage Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration. RO filtration eliminates pollutants in contaminated water including heavy metals and viruses that cannot be eliminated with conventional filters. Even if the water purifier is equipped with an RO filter that can effectively eliminate contaminants but the water is not stored safely, the risk of secondary contamination increases. It is best to store water safely in an airtight stainless steel container.

The best thing that you can do today to ensure that your family is safe is going with an Equipped LG True RO filtration system with 8 stage purification process. It does this without mixing in other water sources that might enable contaminants to seep in. LG has also integrated an industry unique Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank™.  Apart from this, the purifier keeps water fresher for longer, ensuring that the water tastes fresh.

LG is the most trusted and reputed brand that offers highest quality of products to the people at reasonable prices. As per my personal experience, I will suggest you to go with LG’s best water purifiers in India in order to choose only the best for you.

Think Before You Drink: Water Purifiers To Your Rescue

Pure water still remains out of reach for a majority of Indian population and for this reason they are forced to depend on untreated water sources with high content of fluoride, selenium, arsenic, chloride, nitrate etc., rendering it totally unsafe.




It is for this reason that water purification using relevant technology has become such an important necessity today. And what better way to purify water than the Reverse Osmosis technology? The RO technology as it is more popularly known uses a porous covering which blocks all the harmful chemicals and solute on one side and lets the purified water pass out from the other side.

But just as with any other purchase, buying a RO water purifier too involves researching enough to make an informed choice.

  • You must always opt for the latest RO purification technology that gives you the purest water.
  • The RO must not only offer purified water but the storage tank too should have a protective layer for safe water storage.
  • The internal mechanism and parts that constantly come in contact with water and are responsible for purifying it must be made of good quality to ensure the water doesn’t get contaminated.
  • Some RO purifiers have specially-designed mineral cartridge, which helps water regain essential minerals, at the same time stay free from microbes. The mineral cartridges are composed of various mineralizing balls which help to improve the water quality for better body metabolism.


All this and much more is guaranteed when you buy RO water purifiers from LG India. Being the most trusted and consumer focused brand, LG India is committed to make life good for everyone.