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Cool Down With The Coolest AC In Town

India is a country with a different terrains spread throughout the country, which results in different climate in different cities. Due, to its erratic weather, with extreme highs and lows, and terrains of different demographics elements, the weather of India can be confusing for many. The summers in India, especially in the northern states, is brutal and it certainly not for the faint hearted. It is almost terrorizing to think of braving those blazing summer days without an air conditioner. There are numerous window air conditioners online which are available for us, with regards to different requirements.  However, it might be confusing to choose one for your home, out of so many options. Let us go through some factors we should keep in mind while searching for a window air conditioner online.

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  • Tonnage: The tonnage of the air conditioner is crucial to consider before buying one. The tonnage generally depends on the size of the room. If the room is small, a low tonnage air conditioner will work satisfactorily. However, if the room is large, a higher tonnage will be required to cool the entire room well.
  • Energy saving: Going for an energy saving version of an appliance is crucial in today’s day and time. It just takes a little thought to take a step towards saving the planet. The difference is price is a small price to pay for the planet we stay in.
  • Usage: The purpose of the buy is equally important because that will inadvertently reflect on what the general usage of the ac will be. If the ac was bought for residential purposes, one can opt for a minimal capacity ac, however, with a commercial purpose, one needs an industrial capacity ac. The number of hours the ac is expected to run is also an important factor.

There are various window ac options available in across various locations in the country. However, one should do proper research before committing to one particular model. One should also be careful while choosing the brand, as it is one the important factors which influences one’s decision. LG Brand Store is a  is an online electronic store which has a wide variety of electronic appliances available in the same platform. They bring the best of design and performance together into our lives and is a trustworthy name in every family. LG prioritises the wellbeing of its customers and providing optimal client satisfaction.

Retreat into a Relaxing Zone with LG India’s Window Air Conditioners

Being easier to install and even more cost effective, window air conditioners are preferred by a lot of people who wish to instantly cool limited spaces and add a touch of creative designs to the interiors. If you too are planning to buy window air conditioners online, LG India’s Online Brand Store should be your ultimate choice given the widest range of premium window air conditioners on display.

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Window air conditioners are also a feasible option if you are living in a rented accommodation and cannot make much alteration in the infrastructure. Let us take a look at the major considerations to keep in mind while buying window air conditioners.

  • Cooling Capacity

The bigger the room size, higher the capacity of the window AC you should opt for. Installing a lower capacity air conditioner in a big room will only increase your electricity consumption and compromise on the cooling effect. On the other hand, a window AC that’s too large for your space won’t cool and dehumidify your space evenly, leaving your room air prone to uncomfortable hot and cold pockets.

To identify the ideal capacity of the air conditioner you are buying, discuss your exact room size with the salesperson and they will advise you correctly.

  • Installations

To ensure the window air conditioner fits exactly in the window space you have decided for it, take exact measurements before you start exploring different models. These exact measurements will tell you whether you will need an outside frame to support your air conditioner which will also fill the extra space if any. Usually the installation units provided with the AC have side curtains to cover the extra space on the sides.

  • Electricity Requirements

Before installing a window air conditioner, ensure your electricity sanctioned load is enough to support the massive consumption this heavy appliance will demand. Air conditioners consume much more electricity than any other household appliances. Electricity requirements are listed in the specifications in terms of amps, voltage, watts along with the plug face type.

  • Energy Efficiency

This also pertains to the star ratings along with other energy saving features like auto-off, programmable timers, digital thermostats, and multiple cooling speeds. Five star ratings are the best as they save the highest level of electricity.

LG India’s energy efficient window air conditioners cool rooms in a way that you can easily retreat into a relaxing atmosphere in the scorching heat.

All You Should Know About Window A.C’s

Why you should go for a Window A.C?


  • An idea to reduce clutter: If you want to lessen the clutter in your home, it’s great to go with a Window A.C




  • More cooling power per British thermal unit: Window A.C’s use energy more efficiently than a portable unit. That means you get more cooling power per BTU. The higher the BTU number is, the bigger the room space the unit can cool.




  • Less Expensive than Central A.C: Window Air Conditioner is less expensive than the central air conditioner.




Factors that need to be taken care while buying Window A.C:


  • Size of your room: Firstly, determine the area of your room. The size of the window AC you choose depends upon the area of the room you are going to place it in.




Measure the cooling capacity of your A.C: The cooling capacity of an Air-conditioner is measured in tons. It is always better to determine the cooling capacity of your A.C.





                       Go for a reputed brand: Always go for a reputed brand while choosing the A.C. It is advised to compare the AC with different brands to choose the best AC for your home.

Pick a right window A.C – Go online!

Let’s explore more about window A.C’s

It is believed that working in an air conditioned environ keeps you healthy and efficient. Here are some more advantages of working in an air conditioned environment:

  • Efficiency of the human beings increases: According to a research, it is revealed that in the comfort conditions, your working capability increases. The clean air thrown by window A.C’s helps you to do more work.
  • Better health: As the air inside the air conditioned room is free from dust particles, smoke, microorganisms and bacteria, automatically a healthy environ surrounds you.
  • Less noise: The noise from the air-conditioners is very low. In result, you can have a rejuvenating slumber without any element of disturbance.

Pros of Windows A.C

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • No additional place required.
  • No pump required.
  • Air cooled.

Pamper you window A.C with these maintenance tips:

On monthly basis: 

  • Clean the Air Filter with brush and Air blower.
  • Clean evaporator coil, condenser coil fine with brush and Air blower to remove the dust.
  • Lubricate fan motor with high grade SAE 20.


  • Clean the condenser and evaporator coil fins with weak solution of caustic soda.
  • Check the currents after over loading.

Clean air filter with:

  • Water under pressure
  • Replacement of faulty electrical parts
  • Replacement of worn out insulation

You can buy the right A.C Online

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